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  1. Bajan Reporter goes too far? Appears sport made on US Military vessel went overboard, but how? Keep reading here!

    HSV 2 “Swift“ receives Port Day Campers while everybody’s friendly neighborhood Bajan Reporter seems to have been too naughty? Full story up soon…

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  2. True Blood Synopsis – Season 3, Episodes 1 to 4 {Beware – SPOILERS}

    People who are new to True Blood the Series and have also read Charlaine Harris’ “Southern Vampire” series will realise these are two vastly different entities yet crafted in the same universe, each is a ‘What If?’ of the other, once you are aware of the twists in the tale (leave the shapeshifters alone), then […]

    July 30, 2010Cinema, Featured, Review5 comments
  3. REACH Grenada Honours its Promise with Continued Provision of Vital Resources to Schools

    REACH Grenada has funded a second annual supply of printing paper and ink cartridges for St Andrew’s Parish schools to help maintain the good use being made of the state-of-the-art laptops, printer and photocopiers already purchased and successfully installed in eighteen schools by REACH Grenada in February 2009. This continued provision bears testament to REACH […]

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  4. Barbados leg of Variety Charity’s Summer Movie Morning at Olympus Theatres

    Variety the Children’s Charity is once more partnering with Olympus Theatres to provide summer fun for those less fortunate. On Saturday, July 31st 2010, children who would normally find it a challenge (financially or physically) to go to the movies, will be afforded the opportunity to do so free of cost. Included in the outing are snacks […]

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  5. Barbados in full control as Jamaica crawl to 42-2 off 10 overs {2010 Caribbean T20: 31/07/10}

    Jamaica lost main man Chris Gayle in the third over and Xavier Marshall in the fifth as they struggled to 42-2 at the halfway stage against Barbados in Semi-final 1 of the West Indies Cricket Board’s Caribbean T20 on Friday night at Queen’s Park Oval. Gayle, back in the team after recovering from a groin […]

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    Kittitian public & private sector officials reviewed ways of strengthening the sports tourism product, and capitalizing on the potential benefits as the Denzil Douglas administration seeks to enhance the Federation’s image in this sector. Last Thursday, Grassroots Basketball Advisor and Coach John Spezia met with Minister of Tourism Honourable Richard Skerritt, Minister of Education Honourable […]

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  7. Haiti Earthquake Recovery Needs More Help, US Congressional Panel Told

    Though great strides have been made since the deadly earthquake in Haiti, immediate problems continue to confront the relief and recovery process that threaten their success, the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) told a key congressional subcommittee. “The title of this hearing, ‘The Crisis in Haiti: Are We Moving Fast Enough?,’ poses a question that […]

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  8. “More Questions, No Answers” – Leader of the Opposition dismisses comments from Senator D’Arcy Boyce on CBC, 29-7-2010

    The Leader of the Opposition of Barbados – The Hon. Mia Amor Mottley, Q.C., M.P., has responded to what was said by Senator D’Arcy Boyce on CBC TV (July 29, 2010). Here is what she said: “Barbadians must ask why we are only now learning that the World Bank will not lend the country money […]

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  9. Education Minister of Barbados needs to go back to school – Ronald Jones decries Crop Over Fete almost 3 years after winning seat? Please!

    One thing I promise myself each Kadooment yet some crud always pops up and shoves it aside, but I vow, especially now, to go to Wadadah‘s Back To School fete where adults put on their alma mater‘s uniform and celebrate Crop Over – this is an institution which is now as significant as the one-time […]

    July 29, 2010Controversy, Culture, Education, Fashion, Featured7 comments
  10. New Charity Trust of Barbados asserts “Technology Is For Everyone” – Benefit for young Barbadians on 22nd August 2010 “Ultimate Challenge”

    Anyone born in the last 25 years is a part of “Generation T” (for technology). Yet right here in Barbados, not everyone has access to the wealth of knowledge that computers can bring. The Tech-Knowledge Trust, launched in earlier this year, is on a mission to help disadvantaged children across Barbados to gain access to […]

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  11. Dominion {Web Science fantasy due on ‘Net this Fall: Barbadian actors in Web Series} Minisode #1 – Stranger Danger

    Starring: Robert Nolan and Jennifer Todoroff, Music by Damian Sanchez, Filmed and Directed by Rodney Smith, Sound Mix by Andre Philips, Written and Created by Andrew Stoute & Rodney Smith – See more at

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  12. UK Mixed Martial Artist is a Muay Thai champ & trainer: His parents hail from Barbados

    Barbados Free Press has a story about a Bajan in a rodeo, but the dorky site they sourced from Minnesota won’t give you details unless you BUY a subscription – HuffPo showed the error of those ways recently… So I was hoping to circumvent the roadblock by finding another site which had more data for […]

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  13. Barbadian group Az Man & Zimbabwean Spoken Word Poet dismay yet Ghanaian-American poet thrills: A Review of Crop Over 2010 Read-In “Don’t Care Where You Come From” {Devil’s Advocate #7}

    It started with a wow! The National Anthem performed by the tuk band, Pompasetters, was off the hook. Words cannot describe. Your mouth was left open and hanging in a good way. I need to hear the National Anthem in tuk again, Pompasetters. Kudos to Ronnie D and company the two pieces by the group […]

    July 28, 2010Culture, Featured, Travel4 comments

    The Festival Art Gallery founders Arlette St Hill and Kathy Yearwood have taken their mobile art to Crop Over with an exhibition of works by Barbadian artists at the Norman Centre in Bridgetown. The opportunity to showcase Barbadian art in the heart of Bridgetown during Crop Over was made possible by the Management of Norman […]

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  15. True Blood’s Sookie Stackhouse has a tiger by the tale! Reviews of Books 5 & 6 in “Southern Vampire” Series – Glance at HBO’s version coming soon…

    As regular readers are aware by now, am thoroughly addicted to Sookie Stackhouse series at the moment, both tv and book, each is correct in its own right and author Charlaine Harris loves the divergence created by HBO writer Alan Ball. Both series look at how Japanese created blood substitute so potent that Vampires come […]

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  16. Crop Over Visual Arts Festival – 3 Dimensional works: July 30 to August 9

    John Walcott‘s “Water Deity 4” in the 2D leg of The Crop Over Visual Arts Festival which runs daily between the hours of 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM daily. 3 Dimensional Works starts from July 30 – August 9th. An Evening of Interpretation through Dance will be held on Thursday, August 5th, 6-8.00 pm

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  17. Even More Barbadian Digital Art – the eerie worlds of Rivenis Black: “Swan Pond”


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  18. Still More Barbadian Digital Art – the eerie worlds of Rivenis Black: “Cirque du Dischord” July 28, 2010Photo GalleryNo comments
  19. More Barbadian Digital Art – the eerie worlds of Rivenis Black: “Train Clash” July 28, 2010Photo GalleryNo comments
  20. Behind the Veil: Covering Iraq’s Women in Hiding {CJR presents an ongoing video series about the work of investigative reporters}

    ABOUT BEHIND THE VEIL Lawlessness and sectarian violence quickly engulfed Iraq after the fall of Saddam, leaving women especially vulnerable. Correspondent Anna Badkhen and photojournalist Mimi Chakarova visited a secret women’s shelter in Baghdad to meet with rape victims and war widows and document their stories. CIR’s Carrie Ching spoke to the reporters in their […]

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  21. Royale Mess? NCF contradicts itself as TC looks for no Blood to be spilled in Barbados’ Crop Over Controversy

    If one believes the National Cultural Foundation, then Soca Royale at Bushy Park had security deployed only because Governmental VIP’s were there? “Security personnel were positioned strategically to guarantee the safety of patrons, officials and performers. The NCF employed various levels of security for this event. These included the Royal Barbados Police Force (uniformed and […]

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  22. New Comic Book Artist from Barbados hopes Image Comics will publish his new graphic novel series: Diskordia looks at Surrealism and Humour

    Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio looks at dreams and how they can be warped and controlled and stolen or exchanged… Sun Tzu the Chinese philosopher once posed a riddle over what is identity using the avatars of man and butterfly, Inception challenges you are BOTH, while a Barbadian artist and writer wonders what if you’re NEITHER? […]

    July 26, 2010Books, Featured, Technology7 comments
  23. Americans try Barbadian Cuisine: Eat “Codfish-Balls” alias, Fishcakes – Cock’s is no poky li’l greasy spoon

    This is not the first time we heard of this Bajan restaurant in the USA, but since last we examined Cock’s (Yes, that’s the name of the place) it has gotten another review and more comprehensively – a group of Americans in New York with open minds and wider appetites… My law student girlfriend, who […]

    July 26, 2010Agriculture5 comments
  24. British and US Navy in Barbados – UK for Weather Related purposes and Americans to teach Martial Arts & Crime Fighting techniques

    Royal Navy Warship HMS MANCHESTER just arrived in Bridgetown for a 2 week period as part of her ongoing Disaster Relief and Counter Narcotics work within the Caribbean region. HMS MANCHESTER is working in the Caribbean Basin in order to provide disaster relief support to the British Overseas Territories as well as conduct counter narcotics operations. As […]

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  25. Spice’s Alan Sheppard upholding Barbadian Culture at 24 on Brewster’s Road

    This what being an Ambassador is really like – while the crowd was quiet, VIP’s lost no chance in getting a keepsake of the Bajan Music icon

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