Respected UK Guardian contributor & University Professor at odds with US Charge D’Affaires assertion over Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke Operation – Who’s right and who’s not?

*OGNR Exclusive* An unconfirmed photograph of Christopher 'Dudus' Coke in custody, shortly after his arrest this afternoon. (Credit: OGNR Reporter Docta Suss)

*OGNR Exclusive* An unconfirmed photograph of Christopher 'Dudus' Coke in custody, shortly after his arrest Tuesday afternoon. (Credit: OGNR Reporter Docta Suss)

The buzz last night was how “Dudus” Coke has finally been caught, yet what no-one realised is that it was social media networks who scooped the mainstream media again, by hours before the fact. On The Ground News in Facebook is a cadre of 24,000 Jamaicans hooked up via Internet and Cellular to track what happened with Dudus initially, but a rapid-fire news source on other topics before the Gleaner, Observer & Sun-Herald, etc.

This is the power of the people when you mix blogging, social media and citizens’ rights to know what is happening to their own community in a force which demands transparency and accountability. OGNR had the Dudus’ capture since approx. 5:00 pm Barbados time way before the Dead Tree posse. What exactly led to his incarceration, were overseas forces enlisted? Not according to official channels…

Quite recently, members of the media had a chance to interact with the US Embassy (B’dos & Eastern C’bean)’s Charge D’Affaires, D. Brent Hardt after US Scty. of State’s Hillary Clinton’s address in Ecuador and I set the scene to pose a particular question…

Brent Hardt interacting with Media & Citizen Journalist at Wildey recently

Brent Hardt interacting with Media & Citizen Journalist at Wildey recently

In 1983, the USA – on request from Caribbean Heads of State – posed an intervention to restore Democracy in Grenada. Therefore, should the Bruce Golding Administration pose a similar request, would the United States seek to intervene once more?


{Tues. 8/06/2010} The career diplomat says a show of force by the US is not required this time around, he believes Jamaica has the matter in hand and will soon have a resolution.

This carefully worded statement did not, on the surface, appear to belie what eventually developed in Jamaica, however – according to a former classmate at Kolij, and a noted contributor to the Guardian – Professor Richard Drayton – the United States may well indeed have had certain influences in the apprehension of the alleged Drug-Lord, but not in a manner which seems readily apparent until you read the Professor’s article….

Jamaica: this is a USA urban counterinsurgency operation – by Richard Drayton

Take a look at the following 2008 Masters thesis written by Major Wayne Robinson of the Jamaica Defence Force at the US Marine Corps Academy, click on link to download PDF: ERADICATING ORGANIZED CRIMINAL GANGS IN JAMAICA: CAN LESSONS BE LEARNT FROM A SUCCESSFUL COUNTERINSURGENCY?

Now look at the November 2009 US Joint Chiefs of Staff Counterinsurgency doctrine manual, also in PDF… in particular at appendix A where actions against criminal neighbourhoods is equated with counterinsurgency, then look at the list of tactics used and compare them with what has gone on in Jamaica

  • the use of drones to collect intelligence and to target for killing and destruction
  • the use of blanket surveillance of electronic communications
  • the use of curfews and systems of passes to regulate freedom of movement between ‘insurgent areas‘ and the rest of the island
  • propaganda and information strategies, combined with psychological warfare on the ground
  • use of extraordinary force to create dominance
The former Harrisonian, Professor Drayton, is son of the late Kathleen Drayton, former President of BARP

The former Harrisonian, Professor Drayton, is son of the late Kathleen Drayton, former President of BARP

(1) The Jamaican army is using ‘drones‘ over their target area, generally for intelligence, but specifically in the initial assault to direct mortar strikes. Reported locally in Jamaica only Al-Jazeera bothered to repeat internationally

(2) Those who wish to enter and exit the target area now need to produce a “visa“, an internal passport, which is renewed on a daily basis by the Jamaican army and police.

(3) The United States has been using its signals intelligence capacities bypassing the protections of Jamaican law (this was the issue being skated around in the comment piece last week by my friend Maxine Williams). Sources in Jamaica describe a significant American advisory presence.

(4) New York Times reports on the almost random extrajudicial killing of military aged men in Tivoli…

One police officer asked Mr. Spence’s sister a question that at first confused her… She related “He said how much brother I have,” the sister, Twanna-Kay Spence, recalled, speaking in the local dialect. “I said,Two.’ ”“He said,Well, one brother you’re going to have.The officer told her brother to sit on the floor against a wall between a bedroom and the kitchen, she said. Then he fired four or five shots from a rifle into Mr. Spence’s chest and head. As officers dragged Mr. Spence’s body out by his feet, another police officer, a woman, was directed to pick up the shells, the witnesses said

(5) Uncorroborated: Tivoli residents asserted the Jamaican army in the initial assault was burning bodies to dispose of them, later accounts appear at the end of May suggested that bodies of victims had been hastily buried in May Pen Cemetery reported as an allegation in the reputable Jamaica Gleaner. We have no secure information on the number of people who have died.

May 2010, days before the operation begins, US Navy is involved in ten days joint operations with JDF

D.G. Pryce, Staff Officer for Intelligence and Operations of the JDF was trained first in UK, but latterly in the US intensively (three different courses), worked closely with US in 1983 invasion of Grenada.

Jamaica Sunday Herald of March 2010 reports that a joint US-UK- Canada- Jamaica intelligence operation is being run in Kingston using electronic surveillance and tracking, we are talking bugs, hidden cameras, drones, but more sinisterly for the privacy and civil liberties of all Jamaicans, the probable surveillance of all telephone and internet transactions.

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  1. We can see why Drayton is an expert in his field! Shower Posse is launching Facebook page soon, and your information will be very useful… Thanks for the evidence and wish you success.

  2. It’s only a matter of time until Tivoli become the rest of Jamaica

  3. You brave to print it, you lucky you have proof

  4. Fantastic writing, great research! We all know it true.



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