Pine Hill Dairy takes on horns of a dilemma directly – Bajan Reporter invited to Conference: Management seek to directly address Barbadians’ concerns with new Tetra Pak containers

Bajans compared with rest of world are not huge dairy consumers, 18 litres per year is the average maximum. Americans quaff 80 per year and even they are dwarfed by Europeans at 140 litres per year and Aussies only chug 120 litres per year.

38% love the new milk according to PHD, while 43% only like it & 11% hate it outright

38% love the new milk according to PHD, while 43% only like it & 11% hate it outright

Yet for the small amount of dairy that Bajans drop down their neck, they are mighty picky about what they ingest. As you recall a Facebook group started to protest the new Ultra Pasteurisation process, the item which was released on this site drew quite a few comments and still draws the attention of ultra-conservative Bajans who probably still wish we had horse and buggy yet want Tourists to believe we have the most advanced facilities around.

The new process of heating to 137 degrees Celsius at 2 seconds then dropping to 8 degrees creates a new shelf life of 90 days

The new process of heating to 137 degrees Celsius at 2 seconds then dropping to 8 degrees creates a new shelf life of 90 days

The original item composed here led to the Bajan Reporter receiving an invitation. Banks Holdings Ltd invited the Bajan Reporter to a Press Conference which looked at the Facebook response, the use of FRESH, why the size change and what budget was used to create the new method of storing the popular liquid. Here are some video highlights when the Bajan Reporter attended by invitation;-

The equipment bought is $14 million and no immediate plans to have a 2L package before 2012 or so… Will goat’s milk gain an edge? Will dairy farmers create their own brand? Knowing Bajans, there’ll be a hullabaloo up to the end of the month and then it’s business as usual – for PHD this is a good thing, for Richard Hoad’s goats may bleat a next tune.

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  1. You still backing this crud? Bourney, we will boycott this false stuff they trying to force on us!

  2. Pasteurised and UHT milk are treated as completely different products elsewhere in the world. The first is in the dairy cabinet and tastes like milk, the second is on the normal non-temperature controlled shelves and tastes like something entirely different. Most people would only ever use UHT if the real milk was not available.

    Pine Hill seems to have got itself mixed up thinking that that if the manufacturers of the new equipment told them that there was no difference in taste then that was unbiased reality. Incorrect, I am afraid.

    I have yet to talk to anyone in Barbados who has not noticed the change in taste. I have yet to find a single person who thinks that UHT is better (or anywhere near as good).

    PIne Hill has really dropped a clanger here. They were driven entirely by profit. The reason for the change was the saving they make in the amount of returned product which has gone past its sell-by date. What that means is they make more money and we are given a product that tastes foul.

    Pine Hill was the only producer of proper milk I have come across. Now that they have stopped making it, is there anywhere else I can buy it from? If not, there is a really good gap in the market for someone to start selling proper milk again.

    Maybe Andrew Bynoe at Carlton / Emerald City Supermarkets should add to the proper pork he sells. He would make a fortune.

  3. You all go on about UHT and the one I like is the UHP, in fact it was only after I went to the Press Conference I realised what is this ‘smell/taste‘ you refer to, it is the same as if you took fresh cow’s milk drop it in a pot and scald it. That is when you have what many consider as REAL milk, so why the beef (to mix cows)??

  4. The smell/taste is the same as when milk is going off – you know that moment when you add some to your tea, sniff it and know its not well.

  5. I totally disagree, it is like when you get moo-juice straight from the udders and you heat it – but that’s me…

  6. Hey there, what bare sport. I also have no issue with the new cartoons from PHD. I feel that we Bajans just love to grouse on anything. I would also encourage all of you to taste the milk and see it’s like if you take milk straight from a cow and boil it. Thanks

  7. Good post, even if I don’t agree Ian, you still make your point with good facts! But I will stick with Hoad’s dairy for now.

  8. Very usefull advice, had not tried the new product yet since there was so much negative buzz, thx!

  9. Hmm so what will we offer tourists?

    If Pine hill doesn’t care what the population thinks, then at least tourists… I can only imagine what they will think when we tell them: Sorry we are an island with NO FRESH MILK



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