Hello Africa #2 – Barbadian Digital Artist Sheena Rose’s Cape Town journey continues!

During May

It’s really fantastic, having your own studio, “What I’m going to do with all of this space?” I asked myself. As time passed by, I noticed the same space became smaller and smaller. My studio was full of huge works, ideas and energy.

Find a Bajan everywhere, including Cape Town!

Find a Bajan everywhere, including Cape Town!

Four Artists were accepted to the Greatmore Art Studios. Each artist has to produce a body of work during their three months residency and by the end of it, there will be an exhibition. The other three artists were Mufu Onifade from Nigeria, Lea Bult from the USA and Bamanye from South Africa

I have been working really hard on my art. However, I noted to myself that I am not going to be just working in my studio during my whole time here in Cape Town. How often do I get to see Africa? So I started my adventure.

Touring here I come!

I decided that I wanted to see everything in Cape Town. I wanted to go to the beautiful Table Mountain, Boulder Beach, where the penguins were and Cape Point, where it is literally the end of Africa. It was exciting to see all of these places and there were a lot more to see.

My friends Lea, Bamanye and I wanted to se the Table Mountain first. We all decided to take the Cape Town Sightseeing tours. There were red double deck buses that would take you to various places. What were good about these tours, you could stop by one of the places as long as you like and have the option to hop back onto the red buses to see another tour.

We hop onto the bus and we quickly went to the top deck. It was really cool! I never been on a double deck bus before. I always wanted to ride on one in London but I would never guess I will be on one in Cape Town.

During the bus ride, there were headphones, I learned a lot about the places, we were passing by. What was interesting, I saw these two benches in front of the Court, one bench say “Whites only” and the other say “Non-Whites only“. I felt really sad that people were actually categorized. Apartheid was a very cruel, sick and extremely sad situation.

We were reaching Table Mountain, the bus was going up and when you looked below, there were a beautiful view of Cape Town. We haven’t touch Table Mountain as yet, so you can imagine how beautiful the view would be on top.

My friends and I got off the bus and realized that we had to go on a lift to be actually on Table Mountain. We paid for the lift and waited. I laughed and said, “I can’t believe that I am going on that lift, am I crazy?

No wonder Sheena was somewhat apprehensive for the ride?

No wonder Sheena was somewhat apprehensive for the ride?

I got on the lift, my heart was racing with excitement and nerves. The lift started and rotated inside. You had a fantastic 360 degree view. It was amazing. We were really high and the higher we went, it felt more surreal.

Finally!!! We were on Table Mountain. The view was absolutely incredible. I shouted out “WOW!

Let’s take a Drive

Penguin Crossing? Welcome to Cape Town, from Bim with Love!

Penguin Crossing? Welcome to Cape Town, from Bim with Love!

After the tour to Table Mountain, which was incredible, we decided that this was just the beginning. My friend Lea and I really wanted to see the Penguins at the Boulder Beach but we realized that there was a problem. None of the red double deck buses were going to Boulder Beach in their routes. I was worry that I wouldn’t get to see the penguins. Lea suggested that she can hired a car and we can do our own tour called “Lea and Sheena’s Tour.”

I was ready.

Lea hired a car and I had the map to read the directions for her. At first, it was really scary giving directions, hoping that we were going the right way. After awhile, I noticed that the map was easy to read. However, the names of the places were in Dutch, for instance Mitzenberg, Houek Bay, etc so I really bite my tongue, many times. Boulder Beach was a long distance but while we were driving, we were enjoying the beautiful mountains, houses, beaches and wild animals.

I laughed and said to her, “Hey Lea, we are here at Boulder Beach.” I saw a pedestrian sign for the penguins. I thought it was hilarious that there was actually a penguin sign. Lean and I were really excited to see the penguins. We walked towards the area and we saw them. They were really quiets and lived in holes.

We decided to drive around some more and see other places since we had the car for two days. We drove and drove, suddenly, the road had look strange. it was a very narrow and zip zap road. I was very nervous. We both laughed and she asked “Uh Sheena, do you know where we are?” I quickly looked at the map say “It says here that we are on Chapman Peak.” we continued to drive and suddenly we saw the most beautiful view.

Sheena's Majestic View

Sheena's Majestic View

Chapman Peak was really amazing. I took a lot of pictures and asked “How come no one mentioned this place?

We drove off and decided to head home before it became dark. Tomorrow we were going to Cape Point, it is where the two oceans meet and also it is literally the end of Africa! Can’t wait to see it.

There’s more of Sheena in Africa… What happened in Cape Point? How is the art in Cape Town?

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