Goal! Soccer For a Better Future – 2010 FIFA World Cup {1 minute preview: English}

FIFA-soccerballGoal! Soccer for a Better Future, a 26-minute documentary film will be available to all networks opening day of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The film tells the story of how six NGOs use the spirit of athletics to engage and empower disadvantaged youth in Brazil, South Africa and the United States.

The film examines athletes challenges in their communities and explores the game of soccer as an effective tool in life skills training. Thematic segments include respect, tolerance, diversity, gender equality, teamwork and opportunity.

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  1. Someone please stop the horns! I tried to give the World Cup a chance, but I’d even turn off the Superbowl if there was the same annoying background noise.

  2. I can’t remember being much more excited during a World Cup than this year. Lots of exciting games this year. Can’t wait for 2014.


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