“Gangs Of Barbados” Author sees no need for music nor dance at National Youth Forum – how do you draw the teens then?

{The Bajan Reporter: Receiving tons of e-mail now, I only came across this item this afternoon… It led me to SMDHShake My Damn Head. Not because I saw it too late… I have a Disclaimer in my Masthead listed at the top of every page, but I wish to reiterate here that I do NOT agree with Barbadian cleric Roger Husbands this time, he says no music nor dance should be used as a drawing card for a National Youth Forum and yet at no point does he state what should have been used as an ALTERNATIVE, therefore that’s ridiculous! However, read and assimilate for yourself… BTW, uh, make a joyful noise unto the Lord, it has been said – did He say How??}

I wish to make this statement as a youth activist and one of those persons who is very much concern about the youth of this nation. That up to now we haven’t learn our lesson. I guess it is a situation were we have to continue to fail for someone to rise up and say “STOP”.

I am very supportive of the Ministry of Youth, Family and Sports about the “National Youth Forum”, however, why is it that every event our young people have to attend we use music and this type of influence to continue to bait our youth.

Rupee was one of the drawing cards for the National Youth Forum, now really - how many teens would have attended if he WASN'T there?

Rupee was one of the drawing cards for the National Youth Forum, now really - how many teens would have attended if he WASN'T there?

When is the time going to come when the people recognize, that righteousness exalt a nation and sin is a reproach. Can we not treat the young people as humans and not as animals that need to be bait? The Youth Senator Andre Worrell, had a youth forum which was attended by young people from every walk of life, there was no music, no artist, no DJ’s, nothing like this, all that was needed were for the young people to be treated like human beings and for them to feel important.

A school one time decided that they would treat the young people like adults and ask them to come to a training workshop dressed in professional suits. I was fortunate to be one of the guest speakers and couldn’t believe that the young people, who attended this workshop, had look so professional. I could have seen from their faces, that they felt important, felt worthy to be there. I draw this point to say, don’t let us misunderstand our youth, they want to be treat just like any other, why the baiting; are they mere animals?

If our young people cannot attend wholesome events for the good, but we have to bait them with music so that they can dance, wuk up and other fellowship (I dare not mention) then we are wasting our time. The young people need to understand that they are humans and can conduct themselves in a more professional and productive manner.

Can someone tell me, after the music is over, I am tried, wukked up and just met someone, would I be interested in what else will happen? Hmmm, I don’t understand up to now, why this mindset that we have about our young people that they are only influenced by music, speak to Senator Worrell asked him how he got it done without music, and what he has accomplished.

I think we needed to launch this event with a Christian, Godly blessings of the Lord. I also think that the day is inappropriate for Christians who day of worship is Sunday, and yes we do have young people who are Christians. I also think that the organizers needed to brain storm a little more to include Christian practices and influence in this event. My goodness would we not get the concept that Biblical and Godly influence can bring our young people to a more wholesome and productive lifestyle. Can we not understand that the elements of violence, gangs, drugs and other menaces are caused because the nation needs God?

In closing I wish to say to the organizers of this event, I pray that whatever takes place at this event will be one that years from now we can say “Well Done”.

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  1. I did indicate in my letter to you, that I believe that Senator Andre Worrell, had a great concept with the youth forum that he had actually undertaken, and it was not used as a baiting game but more to threat the young people as professionals and of worth. I believe if you can draw a group of young people who would be dedicated and train them to bring in others that would work and this is the same concept the Senator had, I believe that Senator Worrell and BYDC should have spearhead this project seeing that they started it before and had tremendous results and many young people came out. So I did brought out in my letter the solution

  2. It did not appear so clearly which is why I questioned it, even so, music and dance attract young folk – what is the big deal?

  3. Hi buddy, you feel your bad but you bare boo. Your story on gangs is tame. Pass at Deacons and really learn. Holla!

  4. These comments are intriguing to say the least. I have several question but I will limit it to these; how does one equate use of music at a youth event as “bait” and perceive that the organisers view youth as “animals”? I wonder how Mr. Husbands perceives Christians events that use music to appeal to youth? Are Christians using gospel to “bait” our young “animals” as well”?
    Any persons who professes to be a youth activist and does not understand that music, arts, and popular culture are used to appeal to youth – Christian and non-Christian alike needs training in youth work! Youth are not homogeneous and there are several strategies that can be implemented to achieve the desired goal of engaging & mobilising young people into positive pursuits. Kudos to Senator Worrell for having succeeded in his event. However, there is space for other approaches to be undertaken in our work with youth.


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