After noted strategies in Antigua and Bermuda, Barbadian Political guru tries hand in Georgetown, what about cushy job on Bay Street?

Not so long ago, Hartley Henry was over in Antigua trying to get the Birds to straighten up and fly right… When that initiative went south he turned further north and tried in Bermuda, but the UBP did not achieve their objectives, apparently he also tried his hand in the Caymans with less than thrilling results, and so he went south himself and returned home to Barbados, creating havoc but corning kudos and profits.

It is a given sad thing how ill the Prime Minister is, but it seems Henry is not resting on his laurels (But he really has any though?) and is now trying to spread his ‘expertise‘ to Guyana… Here’s what Stabroek News observed;-

Barbadian political strategist Hartley Henry earlier this week met with representatives of several political parties and other groups here, as part of an AFC-led initiative to explore alliances ahead of next year’s general elections.

guyana_flag_mapNow with a cushy job in Barbados, why is he looking afar again? There are a number of possibilities, either he suspects with the Prime Minister in his current state that there may be a by-election or, more likely, a General Election.

Should that change come, and considering how the DLP has led us down the garden path, promising change in Agriculture and Health among other areas with the only change happening is from hard times to harder times, and at one point all PM David Thompson can advise Bajans to do so is to pray?

Owen Arthur was no better, he subsidised water rates and transport fees for too long, leaving a top-heavy infrastructure, so while the Dems were poor stewards they were also dealt a bad hand. The same way America changed in 2008 and the same way Trinidad made a change not so long ago, many Bajans will have to wake up and look at similar realities for when next the Governor General will dissolve Parliament.

Hartley Henry is already considering the looming reality of change and is using it as a fulcrum to foment negotiations on Guyana’s political landscape;-

Mexican jumping bean once looked at Mr Henry and calmly stated they have more stability than he does

Mexican jumping bean once looked at Mr Henry and calmly stated they have more stability than he does

In addition to members of the AFC’s National Executive Committee, Henry met with members of the PNCR, including leader Robert Corbin and Winston Murray as well as GAP/ROAR MP Everall Franklin and representatives of other groups.We are still in the process of working out the principles or terms in which we would be involved in any alliance,” AFC Vice-Chairperson Sheila Holder told Stabroek News yesterday,We would like to hear from the general public, to see how they feel about it.”

Holder explained that Henry was invited by the party to give a briefing on the negotiations of the pact that led to the formation of the People’s Partnership, an opposition coalition which won a landslide victory in Trinidad and Tobago recently. She, however, emphasised that it was premature to talk about an opposition coalition, explaining that the party has been having internal discussions on the issue but is also interested in feeling thepulseof the people.

What the AFC & PNCR have to bear in mind is the track record of their current consultant… On home turf, he is almost unassailable, when he is abroad the magic seems to fade away – ask the Birds or ask Bermuda’s UBP. He had a flash in the pan with the Birds initially, but that victory was short lived and he merely seeks to draw new clients to either that or his local coups as the reason to hire his services, but if he cannot show loyalty to his home drums when PM Thompson, who gave him a chance, is now not at peak capacity and here’s Henry flogging his services out and about…

What loyalty will Georgetown’s pundits truly accrue from Henry? If he cannot stay at home when things are not yet changed, but only a suggestion is wafting by, then what would happen if a similar event assails Georgetown under Henry’s aegis – would “The Great Pumpkin” look to use frequent flyer miles to hightail it since the change he expected was not what he forecast?

Machiavelli advises that one should choose a side in a conflict regardless and win or lose stay with that faction, by sitting on a fence or flitting from victor to victor you will only alienate all sides and eventually no one will trust you. By sticking with one party even during defeat, then that side will assist you if they can, once their status and strength allow for it. Perhaps Hartley Henry should buy a copy of Il Principe?

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  1. You know, if the Opposition in Guyana wants to win – they would keep far from henry. It was he and Thompson who rounded-up Guyanese in the middle of the night and deported them.

    It was the DLP – advised by henry – who told Guyanese: “ever so welcome wait for a call.

    Hartley working for the Opposition in Guyana, would therefore be wonderful news for the present Guyana Government.

  2. Hello, why are you wasting time with this legalised prostitute, knowing how he operates since Al Gilkes days. It’s obvious he doesn’t even care about the PM here so why will he bother with Guyana’s opposition. I want to know how he can help Guyana? If they had any sense, they should let him go in the interior and let a camoudie sort his Bajan arse.



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