Rihanna and the quest for the perfect Jäger-Bomb? Barbadian singer should stick with good ol’ rum!

Caribbean Fever has a scoop?

On Monday night, Rihanna reportedly dropping $30,000 on booze in a mere three hours.
She turned up with a massive entourage of about 70 people,” a fellow reveller told press. “She ordered thousands of dollars worth of alcohol, including Krug champagne, huge bottles of Grey Goose vodka and trays of Jager-bombs.”
Source: Gossip Girls


APOCRYPHAL: "Uh, you want me to walk a line? Which one, Officer?"

Take a look at the photo where she is being dragged out exiting from the club, you tell ME – does she not look a bit, as Bajans say, “HURT“? Even worse, her falls on stage are now almost part of the act – check the video above, now while Jack Elam, Dean Martin & Foster Brooks made money off of appearing drunk – yet Rihanna’s alleged area of expertise requires a different approach, even ex-Aerosmith Steven Tyler only got respect when he decided to dry out…

Do you know he had a license plate called "DRUNKY"? Only after family & friends pressured him did he change it...

Do you know he had a license plate called "DRUNKY"? Only after family & friends pressured him did he change it...

Yet this is Barbados’ Youth Ambassador – maybe we now know why there appeared to be a poor decision making process in according the Westbury Road gal a serious envoy post as this? If Amy Winehouse (OMG, with a name like that what do you expect? Change it!) is considered a laughing stock after botching Jazz in St Lucia last year… How much longer before what started as pity when Chris Brown attacked her, which morphed to contempt when it seemed she wanted to reconcile with him, becomes ridicule as she gets worse? The sad thing is she knows her father was an addict and saw what it did to the whole family!

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