(New Music) “Blessed” – Barbadian Reggae & “Mic Check” St Lucian Variety from new Chanteuse

ZR/Zion Records stablemate, Ayana John

ZR/Zion Records stablemate, Ayana John

With CRS Records partnering with its subsidiary ZR – which is not a minibus but Zion Records – they issued a fourth disk which is a compilation album called “Blessed” and they have spent a lot of time and effort in this creation. Their mission statement is “...to promote reggae artistes from the region who have a conscious and positive message and to expose them locally, regionally and globally.”

The disk features singers and players from not only Barbados but Trinidad, Guyana, St Lucia & St Vincent (Interestingly enough, no Jamaica from its source) – their album is also tied in with former Barbados Miss World contestant Leah Marville and both see the effort as not only promoting love for children who suffer from the consequences of HIV/AIDS but also increasing world acceptance of reggae… Not just to accept these children or appreciate the music but to LOVE both as fitting for Miss Marville’s Love Campaign.

From Georgetown is where track 4 hails from – the dude’s name can be misconstrued two ways one as alcoholic or another as a man who likes Chris Brown… Abuza could be heard as “A Boozer” or “An Abuser” if uttered incorrectly, yet the man is neither – he lays down his song of “Real Love.”

Buggy Nhakente shaking his locks in pride

Buggy Nhakente shaking his locks in pride

From Barbados at cut 5, there’s Buggy Nhakente‘s “Best Friend” with the unmistakable backing vocals of Indra Rudder as well as Ayana John further in as 15th track giving “Wild World” which is not a remake of the Cat Stevens’ classic but where she steps off the side from her alto-toned chanting and actually croons.

"Mic Check" is now available

"Mic Check" is now available

If you’re accustomed to reggae and want to look for hip-hop and R&B, ballads and other styles then you will want to savour Castries’ Claudia who just released her new album “Mic Check” which visits many styles. She tends to vary in her stylings from song to song, which appear to be influenced by Vanessa Williams, Jill Scott and Macy Gray, yet she has a very subtle hint of the accent known for those blessed by birth from the Helen of the Caribbean.

Bad Girl” finds Beenie Man guesting with her in the disco Dancehall look at a gal who will be wrong for a night so she can get the guy. My favourite track was the sultry “Arrest Me” when she lusts for a fellow so badly she thinks it’s a crime!

If you cannot find Claudia’s Mic Check at your favourite music outlet then you need to demand for it by its name and in a hurry before St Lucians buy up all the copies! Her management can be reached HERE and let them know what you think?

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  1. Hey, I searched for new Caribbean music on Bing and just wanted to say thanks for the excellent read. I want to hear Claudia, so thank you again!



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