Iron Man 2 lacks Mettle – Original whips Sequel by far (SPOILERS, BEWARE: Fanboys swarmed Olympus on debut nite)

The only time this picture makes a hit...

The only time this picture makes a hit...

Shrek 2, Spider-Man 2 and Superman 2 are a few examples where the return was better then the debut. Sorry to say Iron Man 2 (IM2) is just a bridge to prepare folk for both Avengers and Thor from Marvel’s line-up. This did not stop a whole slew of fanboys of all ages and colours from swarming the Olympus Theatre at Sheraton Mall last night, the place was packed by the time the trailers were over and the film began!

L to R - Stark/Downey Jr & Favreau/IM2 Dir/Hogan

L to R - Stark/Downey Jr & Favreau/IM2 Dir/Hogan

Stan Lee made his usual cameo in IM2 as one of the well-wishers when Tony Stark was exiting from his year-long Expo where he made a flamboyant arrival which is not only in keeping with Stark but also the playfulness that Robert brings to many of his roles. However, the real scene stealer was Scarlett Johanssen as Natasha Romanov/Natalie Rushman as the Black Widow, she kicked everyone’s butt including Director Jon Favreau as ‘Happy‘ Hogan, Stark’s bodyguard & coach (sic).

'Sticks & stones may break my bones? But whips & chains excite me!'

'Sticks & stones may break my bones? But whips & chains excite me!'

Mickey Rourke was made to appear highly intelligent as a physicist/hacker gone way wrong – Ivan Vanko, son of a Howard Stark collaborator. If you’re a comics purist, then you know that “Whiplash” (he was never called so in the picture) was an American by name of Scarlotti.

Don Cheadle as James “Rhodey” Rhodes/War Machine was a poor man’s Terence Howard. The interaction of not Batman and Robin so much as the interaction of Robert Downey’s excellent “Sherlock Holmes” where he sparred verbally and even physically with Jude Law as Dr Watson was blatantly absent.


"Never play poker with the man who taught you.." Why War Machine always answers to Stark Industries.

Marvel, wishing to appear Politically Correct, have transformed Colonel Nick Fury (once portrayed by Caucasian David Hassellhoff, admittedly God knows why he was picked) into Afro-American Samuel L. Jackson, who’s role as Director of S*H*I*E*L*D seems now to be a sop for the fact that both Cheadle and Howard were second fiddles to Robert Downey Jr’s title role.

Some highpoints included when Tony Stark though he was dying and got blasted on booze and was treating Champagne bottles like clay skeets; the initial War Machine and Iron Man conflict in Stark’s Malibu mansion and of course, what happens after the credits at the very end of the film – Odin forbid me revealing!

The budding romance between ‘Pepper‘ Potts and Tony seems force-riped while it did happen in the comics, it was not as rapid as this although history is implied, yet in reality if you knew your boss is a womaniser would you really open yourself (no pun intended) to the possibility of being another notch on his d*ck? Plus, if ‘Happy‘ Hogan rams Whiplash repeatedly with an Audi, how is Rourke/Vanko dragged off Monaco’s racing strip as though he is crippled and is all well and good by the next scene (where we learn Stark speaks French)? If the Arc Reactor is killing Tony, does it heal Russians? Plot failure!

While an acceptable li’l pot-boiler, the reality is you’re better off watching the first Iron Man twice than glomming IM2, since the thrill in the current flick will rust out fast!

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  1. The Nick Fury thing is based on the ultimate universe where Nick Fury is black, Thor isnt really a god and some of the x-men are gay and whatever else.
    I actually thought the new Iron Man was good entertainment. Not better than the first one but seriously who expected the first one to be that good. I mean the comic book Iron Man hero is rather annoying as heroes goes. Yea he’s a founding member of the Avengers and rich as hell but the arrogant prick thing doesnt go over well in the comic book. Downey Jr was an inspired pick to bring him to life and if well movie number 2 isnt as good as the first one it still wasnt as bad as the critics said in my opinion. I havent checked the box office yet but I’ sure they’ll at least attempt to make a three.
    Still seems like they are struggling to find a decent villian for iron man though, he cant just fight various versions of his suit every movie or we’ll end up with Tony Stark vs Iron Patriot next movie.

  2. I understand your review, but what I wanna know is – do movies follow comics faithfully, is it Sharia law, bub?

  3. Fans made the movie idea viable in the first place, therefore stick to what they know – simple, or you will lose big time!

  4. Hey, I liked IM2, War Machine was waaay coool!

  5. I loved both IM’s, very good CGI animation.

  6. OK, so you have the Green Goblin and Spider Man, two of the most famous and potent of Marvel’s Super-characters. It’s quite clear these are two of the famous foes we know about, but have you seen Iron Man and the Iron Patriot. Wow, those guys have been pumping Iron, so to speak. How do you get a physique like these bad boys? I was reading a vast amount into this subject, and doing a lot of personal research. At the end of the day, like most people, I am aiming to develop a lean, strong, muscular physique and will continue to look up all what’s needed.

  7. iron man 2 was so awesome! i just love robert downey junior…i really hope there is going to be an iron man 3


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