Gay Canadian’s protests Diplomatic visit from Barbados visit to his town – Cites Intolerance for Homosexuality as grounds for denying them courtesy, how does this lead way for discourse?

BAJAN REPORTER REPLIES {I am aware there is another item concerning this issue, but since it is not an officially recognised fora, I tried answering my own way at youtube but the Comments box would not publish, so I chose this alternative} – Mr Christopher, you should be looking at this visit not as a moment to coordinate a protest but as a means of invoking dialogue for detente.

Barbados in theory is very strict on a legal basis regarding sodomy and not necessarily the deed or desire of homosexuality itself, but when Bajans are confronted with genuine gay partners they accept them and have an almost Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell attitude which is to say if there are two men or women who want to live such a lifestyle then that is their business, but don’t convince {us} to live that way too.

If you had really done your research you’d learn that Barbados is soft on homophobia and related laws, to the point where we’re considered the Gay capital of the Caribbean?

Could it be this Gay Activist confused Barbados with Jamaica or the Bahamas, even St Lucia?

Could it be this Gay Activist confused Barbados with Jamaica or the Bahamas, even St Lucia?

This in itself is an over-generalisation but we fall somewhere in the middle… So when the delegation arrives, greet them and encourage them to hear you out and why you believe your POV is significant!

If you have genuine concerns of Caribbean homophobia, then you should examine the histories of St Lucia, Jamaica & the Bahamas more closely and see how their policies engender far more concern than what happens in Barbados. Would you be as vociferous if the envoys came from Malawi or Uganda? Why single out Barbados?

For future reference, Mr Christopher, if you want a more balanced approach and less vulgar histrionics – then you need to visit Barbados Free Press or myself, I do not delve often on the topic since Bajans are so ignorant they misconstrue sympathy and respect for another’s rights as tantamount to adopting said-same lifestyle.

I admire your determination and support your quest – heterosexuals fear gay/lesbian lifestyles yet get annoyed when they wish to affirm their relationships in marriage, civil union or whatever you wish to entitle it…

So the majority of society will have a misguided view that a homosexual will mount every potential same-sex partner in sight, yet when that same gay person wants to cement their relationship with their partner then this too is a problem, IMHO? Nonsense! Let them seal their union, give them the same rights as heterosexual married couples – would this not benefit the State taxwise?

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  1. The above story only adds fuel to the fire as what he is saying is all true Gay. Lesbian, Bi Sexual and Transgenders people have no rights in Barbados- per-say if they remain in the closet so to speak it is ok its like saying I don’t mind you being gay but we don’t want to know – equality is something that black people have fought for all their lives so when a person just wants to be treated as just equal it is very hard to understand why so much dialog is needed. I live in a society that if I had a partner and died he as a partner has no rights we share no equal rights a s a couple and no rights as partners as simple as being on an insurance policy having him as my sole beneficiary etc. maybe I should claim political asylum as being a gay man in a very uncosequented and nonconformist society is the right thing to do and we want tourism HA! so suppose we decided what tourist should come here – chosen by the colour of their skin and if they be left handed or right handed – yes both of these were both fround upon not that many years ago – so when is Barbados going to wake up and lead or are we just going to sit back and hide behind this Third World Mentality.

  2. Barbados is not homophobic. You don’t know what you are talking about.



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