Diamonds International’s Battle of the Sexes Polo Tour: Men put 7 to Women’s 5! Holders, St James, Barbados had thinner turnout – Why?

"All the Lonely People, where do they all come from?" Beatles - Appropriate for Sunday's sparse lot compared to other Bouts

"All the Lonely People - where do they all come from?" The Beatles: Appropriate for Sunday's sparse lot compared to other Bouts

You’d think with a chance at a 25-thousand dollar diamond necklace that half of Barbados would flock to Holders’ Polo for the seventh Battle of the Sexes (BOS)? However, the crowd was nowhere near what the finale was for the Cheshire Tour – once again, Lucy Taylor was not in for BOS, which seems odd not to have such a fantastic player used for the more popular chukka? It is not so say she’s away as she played in the first bout which was the regular preliminary bout of Rugby Versus Whitehall.


Perhaps it is the ongoing recession? The Villages from Miami have not played herein 3 years due to hard times, maybe Bajans are deciding how to spend carefully – especially after the Vybz Kartel&Mavado/Police-Internal clash? Anyhow, with the crowds not as packed means a better chance for me to get that necklace, LOL! Wife already says she knows what she’d do – sigh!

In the first game, Whitehall trounced Rugby at 7 to 3. The BOS, however was very keenly contested by both sides, I was just expecting a bit more pomp and circumstance for the launch of the Main Event which usually gets more popular each year. I realise Lion Castle’s contribution this year is not as readily seen as in years gone by, they are sorely missed! At least the Castle’s Kent Cole represented the Men well in the BOS as their Captain.


The ladies included Bajan Chukka débutante Rosie Ross along with Monique Archer (Captain), Sarah Wiseman and Georgina Hutchinson; over in the men’s posse? Adam Deane was not joined by his dad Richard – Adam’s father was replaced at the last minute by Philip Atwell, while Rhys Odle rounded out their side along with Kent Cole (mentioned before).

This time last year? Standing room only! Que pase?

This time last year? Standing room only! Que pase?

Digicel Men (Position and handicaps)
1. Rhys Odle (-1)
2. Kent Cole (1)
3. Adam Deane (1)
4. Philip Atwell (1)


Diamonds International/Piaget Ladies (Position and handicaps)
1. Monique Archer (1)
2. Georgina Hutchinson (0)
3. Rosie Ross (2)
4. Sarah Wiseman (1)

At first it seemed the Ladies were gonna pay back the men for last year’s massive 8 to their 4 (You know what they say about payback, right?), they dominated the first chukka with 2/1!


But Kent laid a hat-trick with bountiful assists from Rhys and Adam, playing with far more skill than is shown in their youthful appearances, each held a pair of goals for their hard work. Jonathan Simpson’s commentary was hilarious and risqué as usual, to think CBC used to worry about me with the Evening News – they wouldn’t even let him on the set! Father Andrew Hatch blessed the proceedings and mentioned to pray for the Ladies and their mounts, so Jonathan came back after and asked if any ladies were getting mounted? LMAO!

Digicel's Tracey Catlyn acknowledging Rosie Ross as Piaget's MVP

Digicel's Tracey Catlyn acknowledging Rosie Ross as Piaget's MVP

From his high vantage point, Jonathan also suggested the ladies could win over the guys by pulling their tops off, so I shouted if he’d keep us abreast, he looked at me and laughed but he wagged his finger at me… MVP for Piaget was Rose Ross who snared a hat-trick for the Ladies, while tomorrow’s session will be at Clifton (Yes, the one with a road like it was made in Baghdad during both Gulf Wars) from 3:30 pm and the Top Chukka at 4:30 pm!

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  1. I have read nearly all of your polo posts on this blog and I want to continue but I terribly want to sleep. I started from 4 a.m.



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