Australian News defends Barbados Youth Ambassador while Barbadian Magistrate hating on Rihanna’s new hit, “Rude Boy”

Listening to the radio these days is a challenge, all radio stations of Barbados here seem to play pure dreck, so when ‘Rude Boy’ come along it’s a bit of fresh air to me… It is one of the Flashing Cockatoo’s (Flashing Cockatoo? I mean the ecdysiast with pasties and a wild hairdo, Rihanna) best songs in a while, I like the island beat and even the crazy video… Barbados Free Press and myself are in accord over her other crazy habits and why they do not mesh in being a Youth Ambassador or Role Model – it’s even been noticed in Australia; as for Magistrate Ian Weekes objecting to the lyrics for Rihanna’s current song?

This one tune you won't find on Magistrate Ian Weekes' iPod (if he has one, that is)

This one tune you won't find on Magistrate Ian Weekes' iPod (if he has one, that is)

SOS Band’s “Take Your Time (And Do It Right)” or Captain & Tennille’s “Do That to Me One More Time”; even Mtume’s “Juicy” (that one did nearly have a global ban for its lasciviousness, but it didn’t, point being) are a trio of a multiplicity of tunes which have “double entendres”….

Lyrics | Mtume – Juicy Fruit lyrics

This is not even aiming at the Caribbean and looking at Sparrow’s ‘Congo Man’ (Allegedly cannibalism, more on inter-racial cunnilingus – “…never eat a white meat yet…”) or Foreuigner Frank’s ‘Lawn ‘Um Down’ (“…too much grass ’round the doghouse…” an Antiguan tune made popular in Barbados in 1988, which contained a veiled reference for a woman to shave her pubes closely if she expects action of a sexual nature) – among so many others here too!

Anyways, the full matter on Rihanna’s do’s and don’ts is all at Barbados Free Press, on retrospect, it’s rather ironic since both BFP and myself are champions of Right to Express, n’est-ce pas?

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  1. Rihanna is the best singer in the world. Amazing vocals. Rihanna has impeccable dress sense and a sense of what is hot or not. I saw Rihanna in a restaurant once and said hi… she said hi back and it made my day lol. Haters can talk all they want about her but they know she is a talented girl. Rihanna is a sweet girl and I hope her life ends up the way she wants to..



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