US Census form reverts to Ku Klux Klan days? If applicable, tick “Negro”! Also allows for Extra-Terrestrials: Asks what “Other Race” applicant could be?

Exhibit "A"

Exhibit "A"

I really applaud Felicia Persaud’s efforts in seeking to have Caribbean Nationals recognised as well as the work of Jason Changez in Georgia for doing the same. Their work is even harder when if one fills out a Census form you feel as though you slipped back into the days of the Tuskegee Airmen?

The offending section highlighted as Exhibit "A"

The offending section highlighted as Exhibit "B"

If you visit their online census form, which claims to be brief, they ask if you are Black then add could you be an African-American, or – here’s the cake-taker – are you a NEGRO?? I’ve included all relevant freeze-frames in case they change it shortly after this goes online…

If there was not a drive to get USA to recognise caribbean Nationals, I'd suggest you list every known race from Star Trek, Futurama and Farscape just to cloud matters!

If there was not a drive to get USA to recognise caribbean Nationals, I'd suggest you list every known race from Star Trek, Futurama and Farscape just to cloud matters!

Having laid INSULT so thickly across your countenance you’d swear it was Butter… They put Jam, uh, INSULT on even thicker!


So, warden, what is the difference between Jail or prison? Ask Martha Stewart you say??

Are you ‘some other race‘?? H’mmm – I dunno, I heard my uncle whisper Vulcans in our family tree but then my grandma hinted there might be Tharks too? Here’s the real insult, are any household members convicts, felons or both or out on good behaviour? Check cutaway above… Ready to send a nasty note? Click HERE!

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  1. Wow. That is a weird form. What about Latin Americans – do they just come under ‘Any other race’? Aren’t they a big group? And how come White is just White? Are there really no subdivisions or alternate names for White? Caucasian maybe?

    Maybe they are purposefully trying to collect confusing data in which case it’s a great form.

  2. Isn’t it odd that “Negro” is posted on the census the same year Obama took office? The U.S. Constitution only requires Americans to answer how many people are living in the household. Unfortunately this makes all Americans look bad, as it may be meant to be. A lot of things are going on here that make Americans look bad. Americans are being had, had, had. Americans are mostly very gracious and giving. The middle class is being eliminated and our money is being bled. We are having a difficult time giving to other countries, but we still try. Our government is corrupt to the core. They will soon force energy audits on us and we are being totally taken advantage of.

  3. Recently, I found the 2010 Census form hanging on my door. As I began filling it out, I came across a dilemma. The U.S. government wants to know if my children are adopted or not and it wants to know what our races are. Being adopted myself, I had to put ?Other? and ?Don?t Know Adopted? for my race and ?Other? and ?Don?t Know? for my kids? races.

    Can you imagine not knowing your ethnicity, your race? Now imagine walking into a vital records office and asking the clerk for your original birth certificate only to be told ?No, you can?t have it, it?s sealed.?

    How about being presented with a ?family history form? to fill out at every single doctor?s office visit and having to put ?N/A Adopted? where life saving information should be?

    Imagine being asked what your nationality is and having to respond with ?I don?t know?.

    It is time that the archaic practice of sealing and altering birth certificates of adopted persons stops.

    Adoption is a 5 billion dollar, unregulated industry that profits from the sale and redistribution of children. It turns children into chattel who are re-labeled and sold as ?blank slates?.

    Genealogy, a modern-day fascination, cannot be enjoyed by adopted persons with sealed identities. Family trees are exclusive to the non-adopted persons in our society.

    If adoption is truly to return to what is best for a child, then the rights of children to their biological identities should NEVER be violated. Every single judge that finalizes an adoption and orders a child?s birth certificate to be sealed should be ashamed of him/herself.

    I challenge all readers: Ask the adopted persons that you know if their original birth certificates are sealed.



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