Swan Song for Cheshire? Captain Howard hints this tour may be last in Barbados Polo! As Cheshire thump Barbados 5 over 2.5 at Holders

Breitling Montbrillant Olympus

Breitling Montbrillant Olympus

It was a monumental day when I popped over to the West Coast (I would have done this sooner but my Internet service has left me more sour than a Lime in Vinegar, so now investigating TeleBarbados who do well without direct advertising) last week…

There’s a contest afoot for a chance to get a steel-braceleted and a leather strap Montbrillant from Breitling timepieces via Diamonds International, no fee, just be present! With word passing real fast about the contest, it was no surprise that the chukkas was packed that day!

Taylor-001Even the old fogeys and their almost teen-like “escorts” were out in full strength, very hilarious – it’s like watching either Andy or Mickey Rooney (one is a 60 minutes commentator and the other is an old actor, both could file for pension here) with a Tyra Banks or Beyonce wanna-be fawning over them as if they were George Clooney in his prime, LOL!

Taylor-015Then when the match got underway, Jonathan Simpson let go a thunderbolt which threw many people especially Cheshire fans, he implied that Cheshire’s Captain Howard Taylor was considering this as his Last Tour before hanging up the mallet for good!

Howard taking a breather between chukkas

Howard taking a breather between chukkas

I was shocked and made sure after the Trophy Ceremony to pass by Cheshire’s Team Leader and ask if this was truth or just a rumour? He stunned me;- “I have to think about the good of the team, Ian. I don’t want to be an encumbrance!

Danny Atwell venting his venom in this volley

Danny Atwell venting his venom in this volley

I pointed out his play that afternoon was excellent, but he emphasised he has to think of the future from the team’s perspective. I have no idea what would bring this on, but one can only hope Howard will hold forth a bit more…Taylor-033

Montbrillant Legende

Montbrillant Legende

Maybe it was due to his son Oli’s ever-increasing performance on the field? This match was an OLIday for sure, five slamming goals! All from Cheshire’s resident hammer-wielder, almost looking like a resident of Asgard, Oli Taylor.

Barbados could only respond with a measly two, I heard Stephen Williams moaning he couldn’t even buy a goal and no matter what everywhere he went, there was Oli straight on his pony’s flank!

Well, Cheshire better watch out because Bajans do not take an “unfairing” so easy, huh! They may have won last year, but let’s see what unfolds Sunday apart from the draw for the Breitling Montbrillants (I’ll keep the steel strap for myself and hand the leather strap to the madam, LMAO) and of course the magnificent after-party!

Taylor-025Of course, what many Barbadians really want to know is when the battle of the sexes is happening?

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  1. Trying to contact Howard Taylor i worked for him at Taylor Trading years ago he was a good friend of mine xx



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