Oonya Kempadoo

New film in Trinidad by Frances-Anne Solomon with Brit-Guyanese author Oonya Kempadoo – Casting Call for “BREAK OUT”

New film in Trinidad by Frances-Anne Solomon with Brit-Guyanese author Oonya Kempadoo – Casting Call for “BREAK OUT”

Oonya Kempadoo

Casting Call for Frances-Anne Solomon’s new film “Break Out“. Written by Oonya Kempadoo and Frances-Anne Solomon. Produced by Lisa Wickham. Production is slated for July-August 2010. The film will be shot entirely in Trinidad.

Auditions will take place at Ezone Offices, Suite 3 #9 Avenue First, Mucurapo, St. James, Trinidad & Tobago. Tel: 1 868 628 5797.

The Story

Varia and her side-kick Audrey (who they call Mice“) break out of a Girl’s Home in Belmont, and set off on a road trip to find their friend Pinkie in a village with a pretty name, Rampanalgas, on the North Coast
of Trinidad.

Author of "Buxton Spice" - OONYA KEMPADOO
Author of "Buxton Spice" – OONYA KEMPADOO

Along the way, the boisterous vulnerable pair encounter life-changing adventures and mishaps, that  challenge their perceptions and resources. A road movie that explores the stunning diversity and physical beauty, urban and rural, of Trinidad, as well as the equally harsh and devastating inner terrain of its young characters’ lives.

The Characters

VARIA: 14, Red, well developed (busty,) solid (“thick“) girl. Her personality is defiant, and vulnerable at the same time.

AUDREY: 12, Very dark Black. Varia’s ’side-kick’, she is small – they call her “Mice

PINKIE: 17, a former resident of the Home, Varia’s friend, now lives in Rampanalgas. She is Indian, married to a farmer. She has a young baby.

SEAN: 18, A conductor on a Maxi heading to the Croisee. Douglarish mix, a good-looking hustler, and a wheeler-dealer.

MADAM: 50’s, a big, strong, black, creole woman, imposing, maternal.

CHARLO: 50’s, black, chubby, taxi driver from Sangre Grande to Rampanalgas. An older man, he feels “safe” and “secure” to Varia.

TOMMY, 20’s, Pinkie’s babyfather, a hardworking young farmer.

SISTER MARIE JEANNE: 60’s, French Creole/mixed/chinese, strapping nun, Matron/head of the girl’s home.

NASTINESS: a male whorehouse client, 40s, fat, big-bellied.

SECURITY MAN: 30s, muscular and tough.

DRIVER and BACK SEAT FELLAS: 20’s, wild young men.

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