Barbados Rifle Association Sporting at Paragon Base: Paintball in Barbados 1

Paintball-BB2The club did a short video to show they mean business

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  1. Just wanted to say that I think this is a cool site and has helped us when we were creating our own paintball blog. We found your site while searching google for paintballing blogs. Your site gave us inspiration and help with what was needed – so thank you for a great site

  2. This is not Kendal Paintball!

    This video is from Paintball being played at the Barbados Rifle Assocation.

  3. Hi it’s good that you’re highlighting paintball, but I beg to differ about the title which you have on the videos. The videos which you have up that is at the Kendal Sporting Club, is really and truly at The Barbados Rifle Association. We also have some of the BEST paintballers in the island and I am proud to be one of them, as I was told we have 400 members and growing still, with members as young as 10. We also have 3 existing courses with 1 more almost completed. If you need more information you can check on Facebook for Paintball Barbados.

  4. Please like all reporter get their info form where again…….

    The first video is the Number 1 Paintball facility in the Carribean…
    Barbados Rifle Association Paintball..

    WE ARE NOT IN ANYWAY AFFILIATED WITH kendal paintball in St. Philip.

    Nestled on the grounds of the Barbados Defense Force base at Paragon in the parish of Christ Church, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean lays the Barbados Rifle Association Paintball grounds. Barbados Rifle Association is the oldest shooting club in Barbados born in 1904, added paintball to a list of disciplines on March 29th 2009 BRA Paintball is the most unique and advance paintball park the Caribbean has to offer, with 350 members and growing, high tech equipment and internationally certified paintball safety range officers. BRA paintball is mainly derived from Television and Movie Themes, with 4 exciting courses and you never have to play the same theme twice. Courses of choice include Speedball, Percent 13, Hamburger Hill and its member?s only course Tour of Duty. We are a strict club with a perfect safety record.

    2542667 or 4280158 for more information.

  5. The item was corrected ever since – what more do you want?

  6. Can anyone tell me if u can have a one time paintball game without registration at this place in for instance during a party.

  7. Good morning,

    I wanted to know if you do paintballing for small groups or just open
    How much is it?
    And can I make a reservation for tomorrow if possible

  8. You need to get in touch with the Barbados Rifle Association, after the way these idiots got on over a slight error I chose to have no more to do with Barbadian Paintball, they need to learn manners!



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