“I have been receiving disturbing information from my Mayan brothers & sisters in Belize for several years now about rogue elements under the State’s employ operating with impunity there, the most recent uncivilised treatment of respected Mayan leader Bartolo Teul (see report herein) has moved me to inform the wider world of the 3rd world kleptocracy and haven for organised crime that this CARICOM state has sadly now become.

To their long-term and ultimate detriment, the rogue elements in the Government of Belize fail to realize that their indigenous Mayans live near the Guatemala border, where millions of Mayan kinsmen who have learned very well how to wage Guerilla warfare reside. Do rogue elements in the government of Belize think they can bully the Mayans of Toledo and not face serious consequences? Perhaps they feel that their key political backers Masonic Lodge memberships bestow an aura of invulnerability upon the Babylonian system they are spreading like a cancer, or that England will rush to their aid when they reap the bitter harvest of the seeds of civil war they are sowing so arrogantly – but I tell them solemnly that no foreign power is going to send troops to help them persecute their own indigenous people – should the unjust provocations of officialdom lead the Mayans to act upon the immortal words enshrined in the preamble of Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states:

Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be COMPELLED to have recourse, as a LAST RESORT, to REBELLION AGAINST TYRANNY AND OPPRESSION, that human Rights should be protected by the rule of law“.

If my Mayan brethren decide to undertake their God-given right to defend themselves – I will make it my personal crusade to see that they receive the ‘training and tools‘ required to do so sucessfully; for I have not come to bow before political miscreants and uniformed criminals; I have come to witness the fullfillment of prophecies and ride forth with the sword in defence of the innocent.

To the rogue elements within the Government of Belize I unflinchingly say “YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Yours faithfully,

Damon Gerard Corrie
Founder & President of the Pan-Tribal Confederacy of Indigenous Tribal Nations


At approximately 4:00 pm on Sunday March 7 2010, at a public community meeting held in Big Falls, Toledo, police officers arrested a villager for exercising his constitutional human rights, that of speaking out. A renowned and respected social and environmental activist Bartolo Teul was arrested simply because he dared to comment on some aspects of Area Representative Juan Coy’s speech given during the above-mentioned meeting.



When Mr. Teul presented opposing perspectives and challenged some points brought out by Hon. Coy, he responded by ordering the police to take out and arrest Mr. Teul. The Punta Gorda police officers present (six in total), who were heavily armed with SLR, M16, 9mm guns and long batons, took Mr. Teul out of the meeting in handcuffs as if he just committed a most criminal act. Villagers were amazed, shocked and intimidated by this very scary incident in our village. At no point was Mr. Teul being disrespectful, threatening or abusive to the Area Representative. Villagers who witnessed this outrageous incident are gravely concerned and are asking what next? Are we now under a form of dictatorship where citizens are not allowed to think independently? Is this the change we voted for in February 2008? Where is our democracy, our democratic and constitutional rights heading? This coarse and crude attack on our freedom of speech is absolutely unacceptable.

Coy apparently feels insecure in the position he holds and clearly doubts his ability to lead and is now using intimidation tactics by having armed police officers at village meetings. As far as it can be recalled there has never been the need to have police officers armed with assault rifles and dressed in bullet proof vests as if they are expecting a riot, at our village meetings. In fact, for those who do not understand the dynamics of Mayan villages, there is the Alcalde system, where the Alcaldes are responsible for maintaining peace and order among community members. A heinous crime was committed in Big Falls a few months ago where a prominent businessman was brutally murdered. The response from the police was pathetic and confused to say the least and the criminals are still at large. At that time, it was reported there were no officers available and the one available vehicle had no fuel but this last Sunday they were in abundance to intimidate law abiding citizens.

People of Big Falls are outraged by this occurrence and many walked out of the said meeting and have since come forth to express their displeasure and disappointment in the arrogant and poor leadership of the Area Representative. Hon. Juan Coy has been reported for several miscalculated mishaps that have brought undue embarrassment to the people and government he represents. The use of police officers to do politicians dirty work was thought to be a practice of the past yet his command over the police officers on Sunday is appalling and the attention of the Minister of National Security and the Prime Minister is called to this intimidating tactics and dictatorial behavior of their colleague. In these troubling times, if the Police Department wishes to harness the cooperation and goodwill of the people then they must never participate in acts that abridge the fundamental rights and freedoms of the citizens. We hope that this type of incident never again occurs, be it in Big Falls or anywhere else in this country. We strongly encourage our people to continue participating in our peaceful efforts to uphold democracy and social justice and never to allow politicians to abuse their power and intimidate the citizens of this peaceful and democratic country. Lastly, we wish to remind our fellow citizens of the words of Justice Louis D. Brandeis: The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding.

For any further information contact the following concerned villagers:

Regino Hernandez (Home) 667-7935 (Cell) 660-1884
Petrona Coy – 604-9330
Marie Aleman – 720-2125
Julio Chub – 630-5807
Alfonso Sanchez – 630-1718
Crispina Pow – 630-1907
Jose Sanchez – 628-3412
Rogelio Oliva – 626-1427

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