“WAIT, YOU DID HEAR? #2” Cantankerous Cow of Cave Hill, Big B has disabled parking? & Truckloads of Trouble – A busy day in Barbados

Tips galore are starting to flow in to airbourne@bajanreporter.com… Here’s one that was well researched!

This is Dry Season - when will they remove this? During Rainy season? Great planning!

This is Dry Season - when will they remove this? During Rainy season? Great planning!

You crossed my mind this morning and I thought I would follow through with my promise to send you some information for stories.

Busy road workers looking for next job (Yeah, right)

Busy road workers looking for next job (Yeah, right)

1) of side walks here in St. George so over grown with grass that it is difficult for us to not walk in the road. This is the dry season and you would have thought that they would use this time to CLEAN ALL DRAINS AND CUT ALL GRASS.

Mad Cow Disease?

Mad Cow Disease? Cave Hil under siege

2) At the top of Cave Hill by the light someone tied a cow there, so walkers had to go into the road and run for their lives. you know what the traffic is like there?

Super Centre Warrens - Only thing disabled was this person's manners

Super Centre Warrens - Only thing disabled was this person's manners

3) Illegal parking the the disable area at NPC-Wildey and at Super Centre Big B and Warrens. I spoke to the driver and she was very hostile to me. When she left I called the police hot line and the officer who answered knew the type of car when I gave him the registration number. I waited for 1 hour as he promised to send an officer but no one came.

4) Last Thursday while at a Doctors’ office – in the complex opposite Midas magic – the students of Ellerslie School were waiting for the bus. The behaviour was something else. They fight, threw stones, such that I was really concerned about my car glasses getting broke; there was loud & foul language which was an assault to the ears. I was so traumatised that I did not remember that I had my camera on tho take pictures. If that was not enough, a man waited in his car for a young woman to turn up with a child ans he proceeded to beat her and was flashing a cutlass. he pulled off her false hair at which point these children found the whole situation to be some thing funny (no pictures but I sure another opportunity will came)

The Dr’s receptionist said that she called the school on many occasions and the Principal is always in a meeting. She added people are always complaining and the school does not know what to do. Imagine that? The police have been informed but they only make a presence on Fridays . That is when they are at their worst. What are we coming too?

What happens if this truck should suddenly jam brakes?

What happens if this truck should suddenly jam brakes? CLICK FOR BIGGER PHOTO

5) This truck passed me out and see the child in the back.

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  1. Fear can incapacitate or motivate a person, thus the Fight or Flight doctrine. Recently we heard of confrontations between the media and overzealous police officers. This overzealous behaviour is mostly common in animals who hunt in packs like wolves thus the Pack Syndrome. Rational thinking person becomes irrational due to the collective of personalities.
    I must say I was apprehensive in my decision to comment on this troubling behaviour of Law Enforcement Officers behaving like they are the Law. But as a supporter of Law and Order and the Police I must be fair in my social commentaries. When asked if I am not afraid I will be profiled and end up having an unfortunate accident or incident. My retort was my fear is much greater for not speaking out as remaining silent will only seek to encourage unruly behaviour. It seems if a Barbadian is fed his constitutional rights in a bowl of soup it will drink in ignorance.

    Mr Commissioner, Citizen Journalist can only assist the Royal Barbados Police Force in the solving of crimes and ensure there is no deviation from what is right and ethical in the execution of their duties. Thus the most recent incident in which photographer Mr Jimmy Gittens was held for over 90 minutes and then released without been charged must be strongly condemned. He reported to me he was asked to move his vehicle while filming an incident which he did. However he continued to videotape incident from afar only then to be detained. Are you telling me that not a Sargeant or Station Sargeant at the station felt it decent enough not to infringe the freedom of a law abiding citizen. How do people who do wrong sleep at night? We must remember the laws of physics unlike man made civil law cannot be defied .The Laws of Retribution are laws of the universe and cannot be altered.

    It is even more vexing when the citizenry is so silent and the hierarchy of the RBPF does not speak to this recent incident in an effort to maintain public confidence. We only need to look next door at our neighbours to see what happens when the public looses confidence in those who took the oath to Protect and Serve. This is our country be you black,brown,ugly,mustard,differently able,fisherman or vendor the Constitution guarantees you the rights to social justice and protection of your human rights.

    This intimidation of Citizen Journalists by the Constabulary cannot continue if we are to preserve the rights of every person protected by the constitution of Barbados. Every member of the Royal Barbados Police Force must be reminded they are once a Police twice a civilian. Each encounter with the public despite how difficult and stressful your job may be, must be a polite and reassuring experience unless faced with a forceful encounter.

    Please Mr Commissioner,do remind your rank and file of the need to maintain the respect of the Royal Barbados Police in the eyes of the public. Congratulations to those who were recently promoted and especially Inspector Victor Forde and Sargeant Carlos Lindo do continue to be exemplary in your service. I appreciate your dedication and hard work but will never stifle my beliefs.



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