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Lottery Operations Suspended – Tropical Gaming’s License yet to be renewed, Belizeans anxious

Lottery Operations Suspended – Tropical Gaming’s License yet to be renewed, Belizeans anxious

Belize Lottery

Here in Barbados, it appears Government did not act on a cellular tax nor a Lottery winnings deduction… No big shock, since if such policies were actually enforced, imagine how easy it would be to hand over the regime on a silver platter to whoever’s the Opposition?

Over in Belize however, the Dean Barrow administration seems to be playing hardball with their gambling entities as of yesterday afternoon, just after a “whopping” jackpot of $90,000 Bz was won over the weekend… According to over there;-

“…government hasn’t renewed the license for the company that operates the Lotto. So no Lotto tickets were sold today and there will be no drawing tonight. There will also be no BEL-3 tonight and likely none tomorrow. A Lotto representative told us that they are working with government to renew the license and she was optimistic that it would be worked out. But until it is – there will be no Lotto drawing…”

Belize-LotteryIn Belize however, lotteries in terms of victory and what happens is very different from here – in Belmopan you have to pose with a costumed mascot for one thing as you can see to the right (click on photo if you wish bigger). Over there, they also have no hesitation in laying a tax on Lottery pay-out’s, Paula Vasquez started with $90K in Belizean currency but when all was said and done she only took home $76,500 Bz. She spoke with ;-

Keith Swift,
When did you find out you had won?

Paula Vasquez,
Sunday morning, a call from my mother. She asked me if I got the numbers, I said no and I called the hotline. They said it was a single winner and I said wow when I checked my ticket I went like wow and it was real exciting. I informed close family and friends.”

Why did you wait until to come and claim it?

Paula Vasquez,
Well I still have to get it validated, to put it in my head that I won it and I just wanted to make sure. It is still a wow moment, I am still overwhelmed by the win.”

She deposited the cash once validated and plans to clear bills and give her mother a special holiday.

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