Goliath Complex? Domestic abuse rears up again – as Chris Brown behaves, now Gary Coleman on focus, ex-Child Actor says his marriage is “Diff’rent Strokes”!

Passed through on facebook and one of my USA crew mentioned that they’re glad they’re not Gary Coleman? Curious, I Google News-ed him, and learned the  former child star and his wife are supposedly at odds again and she called 911 for his runty li’l botsy, so as to clear the air, he appeared on tv-series “The Insider” and the first part of the interview was tense but civilised;-

However, his claim of being 4’7″ versus an alleged Amazonian proportion of 5’6″ is pure crap… If the Bible is true about David & Goliath, then a ‘vertically challenged‘ defender handled himself more than competently with an acromegalic aggressor.

"Why is this man smiling?"

"Why is this man smiling?"

Using closer to present-day references – I recall a bodybuilding magazine where in the UK, a female bodybuilder calls the Peelers since her hubby is ripping the stuffings out of her. Bobbies arrive and leave laughing to tears, ignoring her pleas, she’s 6’00” and 200 lbs, while her husband is 5’3″  and 125 lbs when dry. She could not bring herself to lash him, even in self-defense for fear of her own strength, he – capitalising on her kind nature – would abuse her knowing no reprisals would happen. It was only when he lost his cool in a crowd and started up that people then believed her claims from ever since!

"Me, hit someone? What'chu talkin' 'bout, Buck?"

"Me, hit someone? What'chu talkin' 'bout, Buck?"

Late last year, over the holidays here in Barbados, I was invited to a party and was talking with a couple. I went to school with the man, and his gal-pal worked with my in-laws in the past. He’s about 5’4″ and has remained that way and she is 5’8″ if so much. They suddenly had a disagreement and he asks if she wants to leave… She looks at him as if to say, “ARE YOU 4 REAL??” and then he disappears inside a parlour only to re-emerge with her hand-bag and asks if she needs him to call a cab… Sad to say. she boils right down and tells him she’s only kidding, and then she coos at him to calm down, after a bit he replaces her handbag in the store-room. I left shortly afterwards in disgust, as I wished to be no party to any emotional abuse – regardless of size.

With those two examples, I reiterate that Gary Coleman cannot pull a “WOE IS ME!” scenario as he’s the smaller of the pair in dispute. Obviously, one of the presenters from “The Insider” felt the same way and decided to press him on the matter… It seems that was a BIG mistake;-

Is this the Mouse That Roared or a flea with an erection declaring for a drawbridge to be lowered since he’s swimming under the bridge via the backstroke? I think Coleman is letting his “legend” (starring in Diff’rent Strokes and Buck Rogers) cloud his own perception of himself and perhaps after his bitter feud with his parents over his own royalties, he has a dim view of Humanity in general. If ever there was a need for therapy, this is it – perhaps Chris Brown can offer the name of his Anger Management specialist?

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  1. I must say I’m surprised you did no follow up, when everyone knows Coleman died – and usually you have such informative posts, I told quite a few of my pals about here – I discovered you via facebook.


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