Rihanna Finally Bares All! BREAKING NEWS – Ignores promise made to Mother

Why am I not surprised? Wonder what those who conveyed that Youth Envoy slot have to say now?

Rihanna is once again striking a raunchy pose, this time around for the cover art of her upcoming single "Rude Boy".

Rihanna is once again striking a raunchy pose, this time around for the cover art of her upcoming single "Rude Boy".

The Umbrellahitmaker is naked, wearing nothing but a pair of black boots and a top hat. She is hiding her modesty behind a long board with the title of the song attached on it.

So much for the promise she made her mother, eh? “Rude Boy” is the most current release off of her fourth disk;-

Rihanna droppedRated Rin U.S. on November 23, 2009, a month before her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown released his own album “Graffiti”. Led by single “Russian Roulette”, it peaked at No. 4 on Billboard Hot 200.

Starting from April 16 this year, Rihanna will be traveling across Europe for promotional effort of the album. Before flying across the pond, she will visit the South Beach in Miami to open a two-day concert series of Super Bowl Fan Jam along with Justin Bieber.

What would you do if one morning your little female infant decides she wants to be and do JUST LIKE RI-RI??

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  1. I know this might seem excessive in a country that stripped skin magazines off the shelves in 1990 (I still remember going to England on holiday and coming back to find they had vanished), but you can’t actually SEE anything on that cover. And frankly, if she really wants to disgrace Barbados she could have done a far “better” job – witness woman-beater Chris Brown and convicted murderer Phil Spector.

  2. The girl is an entertainer why anyone thinks she should be a role model is quite beyond me!

  3. Don’t get carried away. The caption is very misleading. Rhianna cannot be said to be naked. What we have here (in photography terms) is implied nudity. Truth be told she could very well have a bikini on behind that board. This is clearly NOT an example of “baring it all” as the initial article said.


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