Founder/President of the Pan-Tribal Confederacy of Indigenous Tribal Nations Damon Gerard Corrie revealed a New Year’s bombshell on January 9th 2010, he hopes to be the one to achieve a long held dream of many traditionalist Indigenous peoples – to finally achieve a multi-racial De-Militarized Sovereign State of their own – and to take their rightful seat at the table of humanity in the United Nations. The precise geographic location is not being revealed as yet – as Damon wants to give ‘certain Governments‘ time to get used to the idea and to come on board in the spirit of peace and friendship which will be to the benefit of all, rather than violent opposition – which he promises will be to the detriment of all. In Corrie’s own words “We are moving forward to realize this dream with a determination that should not be underestimated, how we ultimately succeed in achieving this in reality entirely depends on the reactions of certain states and how we will respond to them in kind“.

It is Damon’s somewhat Utopian vision for this Pacifist state to become ‘a friend of all – and Satellite of none‘ (a statement made famous by a former Prime Minister of Barbados Errol Walton Barrow), peacefully co-existing and conducting equitable commercial trade with neighboring Republics, with (among other things) no taxation on individual incomes, a comprehensive free Indigenous oriented health and education infrastructure and indigenous model communal living where all decisions are made by the democratic vote of community members and not by the arbitrary dictates of a select few; he also wants it to be multi-racial, with Indigenous peoples and like-minded non-Indigenous supporters of all ethnicities and from all corners of the Globe being welcomed to emigrate and settle in this new democratic Indigenous Republic – in numbers that can be supported by environmentally sustainable Permaculture farming techniques.

Anyone interested in this history making noble cause can contact

Anyone interested in this history making noble cause can contact

Background information on Damon:

Damon is the fourth born of the fourth generation maternally descended from Chief Flying Harpy Eagle (Amorotahe Haubaria) of the Eagle Clan Arawaks (Bariria Korobahado Lokono) of the country of Guyana in North-East South America.

* The numbers 4 and 9 are sacred numbers to his people.
Although being born in exile in the Caribbean island state of Barbados on 12 November 1973 – due to his great-grandmother Princess Marian’s (the last surviving child of their former Upper Demerara River Chiefdom’s ruling family) emigration to Barbados in 1925, in 1992 at the age of 19 Damon married back into the general population of the tribe – who mostly reside today on Pakuri Arawak Territory on the upper Mahaica River in Guyana. Pakuri is a 2,000 person titled semi-autonomous territory of 240 square miles.

Damon’s wife Shirling was 17 years old when the couple wed in 1992, and Shirling is herself a ninth generation descendant of Spirit Macaw (Koyaha Maka) the last Holy Man (Semechi) of the Eagle Clan’s former Upper Demerara River chiefdom – who’s 3 sons were Christianized and given the surname ‘Simon’; before they emigrated to Pakuri and gave rise to the biggest family there today (over 50% of the population). Damon was informed after the fact – by the Elder Eagle Clan Faithkeeper David Arnold De-Wever (himself a grandson and descendant heir of Chief Flying Harpy Eagle) – that by marrying Shirling and having his children born among the people – he had inherited the now ceremonial Hereditary Chieftaincy of the Eagle Clan based on Chief Flying Harpy Eagles dying words to his sole surviving child (who was the mother of David & great-grandmother of Damon).

The couple had 5 children together – 4 of whom are still alive today: Son Hatuey (16), son Tecumseh (13), daughter Sabantho (11), and daughter Laliwa (3); and the couple recently celebrated 17 years of marriage on December 11th 2009.

Since 1992 Damon has lived among his people on Pakuri Territory in Guyana, and has represented them internationally at the United Nations (UN) – where he registered the Eagle Clan Arawaks as observers and is himself a registered participant of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII), and at the Organization of American States (OAS) – where he is a member of the Indigenous Caucus of the Americas.

Damon has retained ‘Special Advisor’ status on International Affairs to consecutive elected National Chiefs of Pakuri since 1992 but restricts his diplomatic efforts to the International stage where he has had an ongoing outreach and collaboration with several Governments friendly to Indigenous causes.

* The Colonial British authorities outlawed the traditional Hereditary ruling systems of the Arawaks in the 1800’s – and post-Colonial Governments in Guyana still only legally recognize the authority of the democratically elected Chiefs – who therefore are the only tribal authorities who can legally enter into dealings with the post-colonial Guyana governments.

In 1996 Damon founded the non-profit Pan-Tribal Confederacy of Indigenous Tribal Nations – which still remains to this day as the ONLY worldwide multi-racial indigenous Confederacy, and offers among other things: free web pages for member tribes and encourage site visitors who want to assist with direct contact information, Damon also writes most of the news articles highlighting member tribes plight for free as per their request – and sends these news stories to a network of Indigenous friendly local, regional and international print and electronic media around the world; with hundreds of Damon’s articles over the years being easily found on bigger internet search engines such as Google.

Damon has retained Presidency of the Confederacy and still funds it’s operational budget entirely out of his own pocket.

Damon is also an autodidact Historian, Journalist, Author, and Eco-Tourism operator – who created First Nations Vacations in 1999, this is an enterprise that was the first 100% indigenous owned, operated and internet marketed eco-tourism venture in the Americas. Through this venture Damon was able to create the first Indigenous conceived and implemented wildlife protection act (aka The Nancy Lewis Cullity Parrot Protection Act – named after a deceased Angelic American Parrot rescuer that had taken a tour before becoming a personal friend and donor to the cause) when he convinced former elected Chief David Simon to declare (on September 17th 2003) the 240 square mile Pakuri Territory as a Psittacine protected zone, where the hunting and or capture of all Macaw or Parrot species is STILL forbidden, this move has led to the recovery of these bird populations which previously had been in steady decline due to human pressures.

* This model was later adopted by and adapted for other indigenous communities around the world.

Damon is spearheading the effort behind the scenes with sympathetic governments and allies to create an Internationally recognized multi-racial De-Militarized Sovereign Indigenous State in South America, and to this end construction started in 2009 on the first ‘Embassy of the Indigenous Republic‘ in the United States of America; it’s location and first appointed Ambassador will be officially declared simultaneously with the Declaration of Independence of this Indigenous State, Mr. Corrie has also declared his intention to run for the position of President of this future Republic in it’s first democratically held elections.

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  1. Fully supportive of this move but the location is vital for interest to materialize for few like myself have any desire to live in the arctic no matter how peaceful or a desert no matter how safe from foreign interest/exploitation-so Damon please give us a little more detail


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