Member of Barbados Polo Club raises over Quarter-Million for Medicins Sans Frontieres/Dr’s W/o Borders as Son Whups Father in Audi Finals at Clifton

Audi-Finals-009When is a drubbing not a drubbing? When two teams from the same club make it to a final. This was the case for Sunday at Clifton in the Audi 2010 Finals at Clifton Grounds for January 17th.

Audi-Finals-018In the first batch of chukkas, Team Audi and Silverpoint had a very keenly contested bout, where Rhys Odle and Bruce Bayley were part of the winning team who beat the Apes Hill crew with 6 to a narrow 5. Johnny Tudor of course was very happy that team Audi pulled through, however slim.

Audi-Finals-001In the second match which was the Grand finale, the winning team was 3 Bajans and 1 Jamaican – Charles Chambers; in both matches many of the steeds used were locally bred ponies, something that is becoming more commonplace as opposed to a rarity.

Teddy Williams led the charge in the Trophy match and held good strategies which led to his massive 8 over the opposition who could only rouse a deuce as a reply.

It was Neil Dickson who malleted half of that score, without Neil’s ‘beaver-trick‘ as commentator Jonathan Simpson referred to the quartet of scores, 1st Caribbean would still have trounced Terra, but not as soundly.

Audi-Finals-026Sir Charles was delirious that his son won and that two Apes Hill teams qualified for Sunday’s finale, he believes it speaks well ahead of the Sentebale charity match at month-end.

Audi-Finals-049I just hope that Clifton updates their scoreboard for the next match in a hurry as the failing lights made it hell to read, imagine how hard it was for Jonathan Simpson who had to deliver a running patter for the large gathering?

Audi-Finals-063But the evening was from over, there was a charity auction to raise funds for the victims of Haiti’s deadly 7.0 Richter quake which has decimated thousands and left millions homeless, starving or both!

Audi-Finals-084Coordinated by Polo & More’s Karen Kranenburg (In another babydoll outfit designed to make many a player miss the ball for that crucial chukka) in less than two days, the proceeds are shipped for Medicins Sans Frontieres known in English as Doctors Without Borders.

Sushi for 4 from Nishi; Topaz Suite from Diamonds International; a necklace with Swarovski Crystals, freshwater pearls bonded in Sterling Silver from I-Candi; art about Haiti from Vanita Commissiong and a pair from Dior shades from The Runway.

Audi-Finals-091There were three heavily bid items – a 2nd Generation BlackBerry Storm, a pair of premium Economy Tickets and a car like what Jason Statham – the Transporter used in his his three films, an Audi!

The mobile fetched a thousand while the airline tix raised nearly five grand, but it was the wheels which earned a cool quarter-mil although they were actually worth 358-K!

Audi-Finals-099Bruce Bayley was the winning bidder who bought the car for his father, Edmond who was quite overjoyed.

Audi-Finals-108In all, the charity netted close to 262-K in total funds for Doctors Without Borders – money well spent!

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