Calling the Australian KFC Cricket ad racist is Totally F***’d Up: WARNING – EXTREME LANGUAGE, NOT FOR FAINT OF HEART!

ANGRY AUSSIE‘s rant (Boy, does he live up to his name this time around! I follow him on youtube a lot, decided to carry his commentary as it speaks for it self – but feel free to add your own input…) – It seems people are always getting their knickers into a knot over some new outrage every other day. The latest scandal is about a KFC ad made for Australian TV that has been declared racist by many people for the heinous sin of showing black people enjoying fried chicken.

Let’s get a few things straight:

1. The black people/fried chicken stereotype simply DOES NOT EXIST in Australia. We have no association, good or bad, between fried chicken and black people.

2. The reason the ad shows a white person being uncomfortable when surrounded by black people is that the West Indian cricket team is touring Australia this year. West Indians are mostly black and Australians are mostly white. The image is about a supporter of one team finding himself surrounded by supporters of the opposing team. The ad is actually in effect blind to race. If it was England touring, the crowd would have been entirely white.

3. The ad features fried chicken because it a fucking ad for KFC! WHAT THE FUCK ELSE WERE THEY GOING TO SHOW?

I’ll always speak out against racism, particularly against ignorant hypocrites who refuse to accept when blatantly ignorant and/or racist actions are unacceptable. This case simply wasn’t racist. The fact that some Americans feel guilty about their racist past is no reflection on Australia. People need to accept that no matter how limited their world view is, there simply in NOT one global homogeneous culture.

Expecting everyone to see things the same way and always conform to your cultural norms is profoundly ignorant and bigoted.

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