Rihanna – Redemption Song This link at left is an MP3, enjoy!

Rihanna also encouraged her fans to support relief efforts by performing Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" Wednesday on Oprah.

{COURTESY RHONA FOX - CLICK ON IMAGE FOR LARGER RESOLUTION}Rihanna encourages her fans to support relief efforts by performing Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" on Oprah.

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  1. Isnt the whole point to download the song to support haiti?

    Why do you have it on your site for free? Do you have rights to this song?

  2. This info was provided by a licensed publicist, plese refer to caption – Rhona Fox is a popular US-Caribbean Media Specialist who liaises with many artistes of the region including Rihanna, I was a recipient of this release and sent her a copy of this item and she did not indicate any contravention had occurred

  3. I wonder if we sit and reflect on all the things we want Rhianna to be to the Barbadian music scene!? I had no plans of commenting on Ronnie Morris but the caption here just reminded me of his statements. I have never heard Mr. Morris sing calypso, and we do not call him out for it. All of a sudden, Rhianna is suppose to be the answer to Barbadian music going mainstream!!
    We have two of the wealthiest British producer/muscisians in Sir Cliff Richard and Simon Cowell coming to Barbados annually. I never hear of any promoter musician developing synergistic partnerships with these moguls to get Barbadian musicicans/ entertainers exposure….

  4. tankyou, been wanting to tell he dat every since

  5. To Mel- I chose to respond as myself, not hiding behind a false name, because people like you speak loudly and make no sense because you speak of things you do NOT know wabout. Firstly- you have never heard me sing calypso? Whose fault is that? I have been in Party Monarch finals on two occasions and have released three albums of soca material, and placed 3rd in the Junior Calypso Monarch contest, have performed at Leeds carnival, Nottinghill Carnival and Lincoln Carnival (UK), Miami Carnival, Carnival Trinidad and Labour Day in New York. My song Wavers wasa top 10 hit in Barbados, Trinidad, Canada, St. Lucia and went to #3 in guadeloupe where I was then invioted to perform at their carnival as a headliner. With regards to your opinion of how I feel about Rihanna- i have facts to show my feelings- look in the artwork of her second album ‘A Girl Like Me’ and you will see my FULL NAME in the credits. I have nothing to prove to you. I have been a stauch supporter of Rihanna from the beginning and what I said is a fact- If Rihanna ever records a soca single- it will go mainstream- she is an icon- so whatever she sings will chart on the mainstream charts and recieve airplay- if you don’t agree with that- fine. Other than that- i have things to do, but I have time to address people like you who can easily be classified in one word- HATERS.


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