American Vlogger accuses Dubya’s Grandfather of supporting Axis Interests in WW II

Remember the good old days when American oil companies bought their oil from the Middle East? Now we just invade Middle Eastern countries and steal their oil outright.

After decades of friendship between the Bushes & Saudis, they recently announced they would no longer work with the Bush administration and will deal exclusively with just the Democrats.

Several months later, we learn the Busheviks are planning to sell $20 billion in arms to the Saudi government. We also know the Saudis are arming the Sunnis in Iraq who in turn are attacking American soldiers there. As Smedley Butler once said, “war is a racket” and the Bush crime family have been war profiteers since the days Prescott Bush financed Hitler.

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  1. Anyone wanting a good read on the sleazeball Bush family and their until now unacknowledged, behind the scenes involvement in sundry bits of nefarious activities is advised to pickup a copy of the recently released book “:Family of Secrets” by investigative journalist Russ Baker. For more info go to


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