ACKEE TREE RESTAURANT: Guess who came for lunch? Improvement on Quality of Fare, Service remains Top-Notch



There have been many changes at the Ackee Tree since last I visited, for one thing you will find many prints by Ronnie Carrington on sale as well as works from John Walcott (Yes, Tubby De Guardapart from Defence Force and a teacher is a painter of renown) adorn the establishment and many a canvas has found a new home by this unusual gustatory museum!

I was stumped as to what to do the other day, my year-long ban on Chefette and KFC is now over – but when I did try roti in Rockley the other night, it was still small and expensive as ever, but also very salty! There had to be another place other than Big John’s or Indian Grill? A colleague suggested Ackee Tree as the rotis are large and $11.50, they have a laminated menu now including a Surf & Turf roti? Left that for another time when I could sleep after digest it fully and at leisure…



Proprietor Martyn Field was there so he and I had a nice chat as I selected a Pork Roti with pigeon peas and one of their ultra-yummy Brownies. Do you recall Muttley in Dick Dastardly who also chased Penelope Pitstop? Apart from Muttley cussing in Bajan when annoyed, I swear that dog said the R-word all the time, he could also be made to cooperate if you gave him a special biscuit…



Once Muttley had the biscuit, he would sail in the air and swoosh back down in a post-orgasmic buzz.

That is the effect one of their Brownies have on me, I may have a rotten day at work with that bombastic, other colleague but when i consume the delicacy, it dwindles before the joy of that recipe!

Once in the ‘canteen‘ area at my employ, I settled in and tucked into that roti which I also asked for Kuchela to be added (Shredded Mango with Garlic) and wow, did it clear my sinuses! The Dhal skin was tender and it was a decent-sized roti and good value for my money – that plus the gorgeous Brownie was $14.50, much better than a dried up ol’ snackbox, eh?

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  1. finally tried Indian girl this time round after the last two visits going only to be told the roti skins finish. Thought it was good, way better than Chefette but still i’ve had better. Will have to try Ackee tree next.

  2. You in the island again without telling muh? What me do you?

  3. The food is good.
    What I dont like is to see the owner of this place berating staff in front of the paying customers, nor the fact that because of the $6 price for glass of drink, mixed from concentrate, the smart ass comments when you order a glass of water to go with your meal.
    Another thing, if you are going to increase the price of what is almost the standard roti from $13.50 to $14, at least notify patrons rather than having them surprised when they reach the cashier.
    The food is good, but the attitude of the owner leave a lot to be desired.
    I am sure he would have noticed that the patronage by persons is not the same as it was before.

  4. We recognized from the early that being in the food industry does not make us unique, serving our selected cuisine only makes us marginal distinct but what we focus on to make us stand out is consistent high quality service because as we figure, “One can go anywhere and have good food, but not always outstanding service. That element is the underlying philosophy of our standard business practice – day in & day out.

    We are not recession proof and most humbling of all is that we are a small business that constantly reacts to customers views and ideas while at the same time they do not realize that as a small business we truly feel the brunt of the recession.

    Customer count fall off … true … as members of the BHTA we get monthly stats on numbers of various member operations from other restaurants, hotels, tour operators, arrivals etc … and I am pleased (not really) to report that we reflect the same erosion in customers and average $$$ spent as do other members from a cross section of the membership.

    Comments are made lightly by all staff re: water as we do have a substantial amount of water drinkers … as for being offensive, I guess it depends on the kind of day the receiver is having, then it could be construed as such. As they say, “you can please some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.

  5. Thanks for this post acknowledging Ackee Tree, Ian.

    Ackee Tree is one of my favorite places on the south coast for a quick meal. My husband and I call ahead for take-away and then eat at home. We are always pleased by the delicious chicken curry, portion size, and great service at Ackee Tree.



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