80 weeks and counting – Paradise FM slammed as another Barbadian radio station opens – does ‘support’ count or merit? (PG-13: Mild Language)

Jimmy Buffett has a song where the catchphrase is “IT’S JUST ANOTHER SH***Y DAY IN PARADISE” and I am guessing that Terry Bent is very likely feeling that way about the plight of his radio station, I mean, how do you react when you see another radio station which applied the same time as you and is geared at a ‘teenybopper‘ market (What spending power is truly available there?) is up and running when you are hoping to capitalise on niche marketing to boost a particular segment of Tourism that has lots of spending power?

Maybe the name should be "WAITING FOR GODOT" FM?

Maybe the name should be "WAITING FOR GODOT" FM?

Are licenses truly granted on the basis of what is offered or who, uh, ‘supports‘ particular administrative interests? Mr Bent is now looking at 24 weeks shy of two years waiting to learn if his proposal for Paradise FM is merely “Yes” or “No“? Here’s an update;-

It’s 80 weeks since Paradise FM’s application submitted, 37 weeks since being interviewed, 10 weeks since they finally met to discuss the interview, 6 weeks since Sen. Irene Sandiford-Garner said she would chase it all up for me (Not heard a word since, despite telling her the thing that annoyed me most was their lack of communication!)…”It’s just another day in Paradise

Virgin Radio International have contacted Sir Richard Branson’s office to ask him if he will speak to the PM on our behalf, Thank you Virgin!

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