UPDATED (Hoax claims?): Barbadian students lashed for tardiness – Another St Leonard’s Teacher brutalises young boys

Islamic Sharia Law, is Barbados next?

Islamic Sharia Law, is Barbados next?

(UPDATED: Nation News claims video is a hoax)… This scenario, real or imagined, reminds one of Austin “Tom” Clarke’s “Growing Up Stupid Under The Union Jack” I know there many scenes in there about corporal punishment. That was a big thing in British schools back in the day, can you say “Tom Brown’s Schooldays“?

My father was sent to the UK to attend Gordonstoun as many Brit Royals sent their offspring there, Princes Philip and Charles attended – not sure about Wills. So my father was sent to to be beaten educated similarly.

Historically, flogging has severe racial and evil connotations

Historically, flogging has racial and evil connotations, even at a global level

When I was a child of 12, I remember my father whipping the daylights out of me with a belt – he tried hitting me on the kidney area… I turned around and grabbed the strap and told him if he’s gonna hit me, then do it on my backside but not on my back or kidneys, as I would go to Child Care for him – he was so shocked at my Mini-Spartacus, he stopped, then.

My crime? I finished the corn flakes without informing or seeking permission, true-true-true! He also flung a walking stick at me when coffee was too hot, still have the ridge on my forehead – I was a pretty crappy maid, I’m afraid. He never really learned to do for himself after Mom left when his abusive manner got the better of her.

Also got a scar on my foot (He kicked a Coke bottle in a rage, it shattered and a shard grazed me) one Friday 13th when an egg sandwich was too runny – he should have fired me really, guess that’s why I make it a point to do things myself and not be like my father in that manner.

As I mentioned, I just watched a video – the man with the flailing strap is {Horace?} Franklyn, this is the same school who has a fetish with pugilism. Once again, a St. Leonard’s Boys teacher is on a rampage. Apparently they were in Guyana, what you’re about to see is the cricket coach flogging these teens on a school trip.

It’s alleged that when the St Leonard’s cricket team went overseas in Guyana, some boys felt they were men and it’s purported they went to a strip club and they got back late, then as my source put it, their “ass get tear” (I’ve also heard when this same teacher tried that crap with another student, that boy turned around and gave him a lashing)! NB – If this video is just a joke and adults were present, then where are the mature folk?

Assuming this video was genuine and not a prank as has been claimed, the teacher is disciplining two alleged infractions – underage solicitation (sic) and breaking curfew – now should this have been genuine, does it warrant behavior from the days of Kunta Kinte when he denied his name was ‘Toby?

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  1. Teachers gone wild in Barbados. At Lodge school a teacher used school prayers to vent on an innocent students after they were asked to say how they felt about him. The man sulked for days and refused to teach the class

  2. That man looks like he is a wife beater. Maybe he get his kicks from beating children and that’s the reason they had to put him at a boys school.
    I wudda buss he ass if that was my child.
    Where is Matthew Farley , let me see he defend this.

  3. Althought the story attached to this video needs to be substantiated, as a supporter of flogging in our schools, I cannot imagine under what circumtances the action shown can be justified. It was nothing more than a violent attacked on those two young men by the adult.

  4. Flogging is violence in my opinion. Some of these students have hard lives then go to school and get treated the same way. What have they learned?? Violence. You have to be angry to hit someone. I am fortunate that I was never flogged, It didnt happen where I went to school. BUT If a teacher had dared to hit me like this or any of my children “Watch Out” because things will turn ugly……………I think that what you should do is expose this ignorant man in an ugly manner on you blogg……Get some pictures and lambaste him.

  5. I suppose this teacher is DEAD now. If it was my child he would be now.
    Also how come the whole classroom didn’t get up and beat the teacher right into coma ??

    This can only happen in former slave countries.
    You all need to get rid of your inferiority complex and stand up for your rights

  6. Discipline…This is Barbados…and that has been the culture…Frankly…if more of that went around the society would not be in such the downward spiral some say it is in…yes, lashes don’t work for everyone…but…share licks! Also, the fact that those boys did not even fight up, shows that they know they were very wrong. It would be different if one those boys went in the club and get stabbed by a stripper, then you would ask…where were the adults….

  7. …the fact that those boys did not even fight up, shows that they know they were very wrong…” Or is it they are afraid to be suspended or expelled for standing up? Yes they were wrong, but they? must be treated like slaves on a plantation? Saturday Sun has it in Pudding N’Souse and can’t even credit this item, LOL

  8. So two young teenage boys saw some vagina…that’s a crime? Even if wrong by those silly “morals” some bajans pretend to live by, does it warrant this vicious attack? I believe in punishment – but this crap? Utterly unacceptable!

  9. I dont care what no one has to say, as far as Im concerned if those kids didnt come school late then the teacher would never have a reasn to flog them, so I see absolutely nothing wrong with this video or the teacher`s flogging the kids!

  10. Are we in 2009, or back sometime in the slave days?..There is no excuse for the violence shown in this video.The minister of education and Mia Motley should be made to watch this..perhaps she will realize that leaving the law in place(that allows) flogging in schools is wrong, because teachers have their own idea of what “measured flogging” is .Something has got to be done about this savagery that is being carried out and even condoned and supported by some ignorant people like jj.

  11. T be perfectly honest….these young men have left the confine of their rooms and supervision to attend a strip club of all things in a foreign country….now tell me what your response would have been should there have been a fatal incident or injury..now who gets the blame granted he may have over done it a little but think if it was your neck on the line and you were incharge of those kids and you realise some are missing and you have no idea where they are…….if it were me I would be cutting their asses all the way back to bim….

  12. Why is it that noone has questioned the following:

    1. They boys are not in uniform.
    2. The layout is not that of a classroom, nor a staffroom, nor a principal’s or deputy principal’s office.
    3. I take the possibility that it is not in Barbados and the students were travelling.

    But what must be understood is this. I am in favour of flogging, by the way…but this is the situation. On field trips, on island and overseas, there is usually 1 teacher assigned for 15 students. Some parents cannot even handle 1 child but yet teachers are asked to be responsible for 15. Many times, these children are so aware of the disparity in numbers that many of them go off in all different directions…the TEACHER is ultimately responsible if something happens to these ill-disciplined, own-way, disgusting children.

    Some children seem to believe that they can do what they want and not have to deal with the consequences and do not think their actions through to the end.

    This particular adult seems to be at the end of this rope and he was flogging in anger and as such it could be labelled abuse.

    But before we throw the baby out with the bath water, think for once of the other person. Would you go on a trip with 15 boys?

  13. I accept the boys did do some crap, and they could be in deep mud when they return, but does that justify a lash with a belt near the FACE? If the blow had burst an ear-drum or gouged an eye out, what would the teacher say then, SORRY?

    This is a hold-over from Tom brown’s Schooldays for me, not acceptable in any way despite alleged transgressions…

    There had to be other methods, who held their passports or spending money?

  14. This person, teacher or whatever, should be charged with assault and battery for the only explanation for that type of attack is that he was giving vent to his frustrations and was brutal. this was not corporal punishment, this was assault. He needs psychologic counselliong not he children/

  15. Alvin, Thank youy very much.

  16. STUPID ADRIAN HINDS who ever he is does not even know poor fellow that this is just to sensitize the St. Leonards story. he could really stop writing ingonarnce everytime


  18. @ DE AGREE MAN: When they lose an ear or eye in a similar yet worse assault, I take it you will foot the Medical bill? Or stand for legal costs for Maiming, etc? Discipline at what costs – it seems your intelligence…

  19. If I were to Smack and Slap The Bajan Reporter like that It would be considered assault and Battery …assault (the threat of violence) and battery (physical violence). …WHERE ARE THE LAWYERS??? WHO ARE AGAINST THIS SORT OF PUNISHMENT???? The man {Horace?} Franklyn Should be sued and fired and slapped in public. I think Horace was abused by his father and now its payback time……………….

  20. You are right Andrew!

  21. Bajan Reporter thanks for makiing the link to the past that is so much of the psyche of Barbadians that they do not understand that they have been programmed to do the flogging and to justify it!!

  22. If that is a dramatisation, it is well done. But I wonder if hoax claims are nothing more than a cover up. Cannot see how those lashes could not be real. I smell something fishy.

  23. This is an utter hoax. No student in Barbdos goes to school without being dressed in the school’s uniform. Does this look like Bajan school children. Please……………….

  24. Um, this is in Guyana, after a cricket game – do you expect them in Uniform late at night? I think BCC offers Remedial Reading courses if you’re in trouble?

  25. The guy’s intention of disciplining online and readers questioning it does not automatically make for tall tales; those teens while wrong did not deserve their treatment, and who in their right mind would make a joke of beating children – for whatever reason, right or wrong?



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