Bootheel & Rockstone – A Barbadian Artist Courts Connecticut

Not long ago, we mentioned that Sheena Rose had an American expo, here’s what happened in her own words;-



I am happy to say that the opening was great, the art pieces were fanatastic and I am proud to be involved in this show. We took a bus ride to Real Artways in Connecticut, and I was so nerivous, epsecially seeing my work on display, I didn’t have a clue if it’d be outside or inside the gallery.

Gallery, CT

Gallery, CT

I believe the work was flexible enough to be either outside or inside. When I finally got there, the two curators Kristina Newman-Scott and Yona Backer were welcoming the artists. There were photographers at the bus and at that moment I felt like a celebrity.

Viewing at Real Artways

Viewing at Real Artways

I met the curators and they hugged me and told me how the work looks fantastic. As  for when I entered the gallery, I ran to see my work and there it was…. there was soooo much emotions over me. It show me that I have to keep on going, keep on working. I am so happy, up to this day it still feel so surreal, like a dream. I met alot persons and each one told me they really like the work they say “Sheena, I stand there and watch this animation about seven times and I just love it.”


I just wanted to say thank you guys for all of your support and making this possible for me, I am sooo happy to meet each one of you and pushed me to produce my work. Right now my eyes are watering while I am writing this email. So I will soon stop, ya know ya look ugly when ya cry – LOL

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