Sweet Victory at Sugar Hill’s ‘Tennis Pon De Rock’: Serena triumphs over Wozniacki despite mild flu, leg injury

If you went to Royal Westmoreland last night, you would swear there was no global recession! Hundreds if not thousands of people quaffing shrimp, quiche, pork dumplings and mini-rumcakes like there’s no tomorrow all washed down with Grey Goose or Champagne.Serena-137Meanwhile folks browsed fancy watches at the Sugar Hill estate, all really hoping to cop a glimpse of the star of the day – Serena Williams, here for “Tennis Pon De Rock“!

At four hundred dollars a pop, it was just as well that all and sundry felt pampered – even if only for one night… The Wildey Gymnasium event from the day before was almost as dear – two hundred for a Courtside seat or Corporate Box! Couldn’t make Saturday as I went to another assignment and am also making preparations for a special announcement which is to be revealed in my Blog-site!

Serena-138Next year – and hopefully there will be a next year’s event – the organisers need to ensure that Media have beverages and some toilets readily available by the Press Box (I was the only blogger for that event). Another thing, while the villa is like a set out of a Fred Astaire picture… When rain falls it’s not that difficult for even the most left-footed hoofer to end up moonwalking like the late Michael Jackson but that may not be such a good thing, so have mops and squeegees aplenty on stand-by for those splendid pink marble floors!

It’s a pity that people attending couldn’t be more civilised though, when the Two W’s (Serena Williams: SW and Caroline Wozniacki: CW) arrived to mingle and hear Mighty Gabby come and do a special version of Hit It for them? The crowd went cell-phone and webcam nuts and turned piranha, oy! I did not even TRY to abridge the madding crowd!

Unwitting Paprazzi Fodder

Unwitting Paprazzi Fodder

Some of the Media were not too far off, we were told by security (their chief looked a lot like a real life GI Joe, really nice and affable, a valid trait since many security folk seem naturally mean) stay on the Press Box side of the path, but no – two of the paparazzi jumped across the path when they heard the 2 W’s were approaching. Would you also believe many of the journalists were debating how pink is a colour for homosexuals? Better not let them know I have a salmon short-sleeved shirt, huh? How ridiculous, eh?

Serena-050Anyhow, I got enough pictures from the match itself – it was 8/6 in Serena’s favour, an exhibition match which was delayed due to a semi-persistent drizzle. One of the guys in the Press box lamented that all shutterbugs were on Serena and not Wozniacki – my man? Please! CW may be up and coming but SW is Ne Plus Ultra, capisce?

Internet is slow today, I tried uploading video and am usually done by now but today is a funny night… I will insert videos in my Video Gallery and extra shots in the Photo Gallery!

You could see during the sets how Serena favoured her left leg and when she let go a cough, it was obvious she had a mild touch of the flu, as she sounded like she had a baby cement mixer trapped inside her luscious bosom, but she kept plugging away!

Serena-044At the Video Gallery, you will get to view speeches from Haydn Lewis, CW & Serena as well as get a taste of the action – SO KEEP WATCHING THIS SPACE!

There was also “Drilling For Dollars” where all four players tried to hit targets to raise money for charity, the killer was a rum barrel from Foursquare if a ball was sunk in there then $5,000 is handed over by LIME (a Platinum sponsor)!

Everyone except Serena made a landing, but US Top 40 player Jeff Tarango (who’s been here four times now) says the ball would stay in if there was really liquor in the barrel, LOL! Jeff is very nice and humble and has an adorable two year old son called Ace…

World's Future No 1?

World's Future No 1?

Yes, his name is Ace! He must walk around holding a racquet, if neither a racquet or dad is near then a tantrum becomes imminent!

I asked Haydn’s brother and coordinator Jonathan ‘Kodi‘ Lewis afterwards if there are any plans to bring other folk like Ivan Lendl, Martina Navratilova, Bjorn Bjorg (he played at Paradise a while back) Ana Kournikova, Ilie Nastasie or even Billie Jean King? He says it’s under consideration as it adds more variety to an exhibition match where you have previous and current stars pairing with new talent.

Serena-130As for Serena, I asked when she returns to Barbados if she will try Road Tennis – her curiosity was piqued and wanted to know what was that? When Martin Parris from Starcom jumped in and supplied a response, she said she definitely has to try it next time she’s here!

This is entry 2,999 (Blog-side) what will happen for the next? A definite MILESTONE, I assure you!

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  1. It’s amazing how people behind me became instant tennis experts if Serena hit a ball a good 2cms short of what was expected. I wouldn’t mind if they were right, but to shout (loudly) advice to the world’s number one… but then they paid for their ticket so they get to have their say.

  2. Thanks for taking off the password. I like the new look of the magazine. I also think your raising the road tennis issue with Serena was a coup. I imagine that Serena & Caroline can have their pick of any uppercrust tennis resort a la Sugar Hill anywhere in the world. But where else pray tell will they have an opportunity to play road tennis!! We have to promote what is unique to BIM!

  3. Serena’s such a tease.

  4. You did a good job with your coverage, enjoyed this item very much.


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