Paradise FM has been waiting 74 weeks to get a decision from the Government of Barbados re: Broadcasting License

You can find Paradise FM on Facebook. Please show your support by emailing the Prime Minister’s office!

Mr Terry Bent – Having finally calmed down from speaking to the Secretary of the Broadcasting Authority yesterday, I can now give you the latest update on our progress, or lack thereof.

Paradise FM Ltd filled in a 9 page form in July 2008. In May 2009 we were finally interviewed for 45 minutes. Now, over 6 months later, they apparently want us to answer further questions, which they decided upon 2 weeks ago , but have not yet sent to us!

I pointed out that the Law states it should take 4 weeks from receipt of application to making a decision (including the interview) and was told they had changed the law. I asked for a copy and was told it had not been approved yet, so I said “So it has not been changed yet” and was told it had in their eyes! I asked what the new timescale was, but they could not answer!!! (Because they have not changed it yet)

The Barbados Ministry of Tourism, and in particular the Minister, Mr Richard Sealy, have been so helpful it is untrue, Paradise FM will be of huge benefits to Tourism, The BTA and BHTA, but unfortunately this does not seem to be appreciated by the Broadcasting Authority! So how can you help?

A VERY frustrated Terry!

A VERY frustrated Terry!

Please email the Prime Ministers Office and tell them you support our bid, please ask all of your facebook friends to also email them as well and perhaps a deluge of emails saying “We support Paradise FM” may help you dont even have to do anything just copy the email address and paste it :-

In Subject copy “WE SUPPORT PARADISE FM” and also paste it as the message!!!!

Please, Please do it, it will either help or drive them mad, if they get 500 messages tomorrow they will not be able to forget to post the new questions! Thank you for your support so far and when you ask your friends to email, get them to join the page.

PROSALES WEB BANNER phones 22102020

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