a) – Took all photos using my Blackberry Pearl Titanium 8120 as everyone was using nothing but their Crackberries, yet truthfully? I prefer using my trusty ol’ Nikon L18, but my camera cannot have tons of ringtones, store documents, avert disasters at work by sending an e-mail after hours while on the go, etc.

b) – Yes, a key personage was there to cut the ribbon of the newly-rebranded Digicel Megastore, so much so that I would have LOVED, even ACHED, to ask what about Graeme Hall… But? The wife – who was also there – said I was Clark Kent with her and only a mere mortal tonite so do NOT go looking for phonebooths to confront any potential mini-Luthors (Now I think of it, since there are so many cell-phones around… When WAS the last time you saw a Pay-Phone OR phonebooth?), sigh!


The playground was the entire ground floor of Norman Centre, very clever – with whiskey, vodka, rum, Coke Sprite and all the rest of that splishy crew. For solids there were Thai Fish Cakes, Ham & Cheese Croquettes, Shrimp in baby baskets, Meatballs, Satay Chicken on Skewers… Digicel more than made up for encroaching on anyone’s dinner time, lemme tell you!

They even had one of their staff regale invited folk with Bajan Xmas tunes (It’s still Independence, though)!

Sampling the goods included various luminaries such as management from the Hilton, Ferida Fernandes (Mrs Market Vendor), “Bizzy” (Digi-Shareholder) & Shelly Williams, personnel from Nation, Starcom and CBC. And (must – resist – slapping – own – scalp) Environment Minister Denis Lowe (BREATHE, IAN, BREATHE) who was there to… ANSWER, ahem! I mean, there to cut the ribbon, for the Sanctuary, uh, Megastore…

{Can you believe none of the media houses there asked the man a thing about Graeme Hall? They were claiming that it was not cricket! I would have shown who lick what for six if my madam was not present, cor’bleah! She asked if I wished I was solo, luckily some snacks appeared and we were distracted and I was saved from truthfully answering and probably looking at Divorce, if not from a sick-bed with multiple fractures, all like now!}


Barry O’Brien is Digicel’s General Manager for Barbados – I hope he stays a while, the other GM’s seem to whoosh in and out like banshees. He reminds me of an older Gerard Butler in “P.S. I Love You” He told the audience that night how the Megastore was completed under budget and on time in simultaneous conjunction with renovations of Sheraton’s facilities, but the city is the Flagship. He acknowledged Sales Manager Alex Tasker (seen below) who in turn paid tribute to Maria, one of the key staff who made sure the refurbishments got carried out in record time.

In Barry’s speech we learned that (Research In Motion) RIM Blackberry is the fastest growing handset of popular choice all over the world. This is why Digicel plans to have similar ultra-venues across the region in the next three months, this is a tight goal, folks! Blackberry Megastores in all of the West Indies by February 2010? Tall order, but Digicel obviously feel they can pull it off…

Then there was Dr Lowe, he said how his ‘Berry crashed while out in Africa (Oho, so THAT’S where he wasIan! Hush! Off-Duty, right? Siiigh!!) and he eventually reached Sales Manager Alex Tasker (see above Min. Enviroment) – but now with the MegaStore he can just access their resources instead, should that happen while he’s away once more.


There was the cutting of the ribbon and soon all good things came to an end – but before patrons left there was a draw to get some Blackberry Storms. I was surprised the genuine Business cards were not separated from the pieces of paper as the folded sheets were larger and remained at the top, while the cards settled at the bottom – not surprisingly, most of those victorious already possessed ‘Berries.

Truthfully, even if I won – I would have handed the Storm over to my wife, truly, since she’s going abroad soon; that way she and I could IM via BBM {BlackBerry Messenger} for free! Especially as her B’day is around the corner, even w/o the occasion, it wouldn’t be the first time she’s had a better phone than me – she had the 1st RAZR in the island when Digicel had a text competition, and all I had was a Nokia 3200 (But mind you – those were damn good units, nearly indestructible, still see a few folk with ’em… It had radio, infrared, polyphonic tones via SMS, etc.)!

Abby\'s Kids Plus - Opposite Carter\'s on High St

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