I went to Jus’ Grillin’ at Quayside the other night with my madam, boy was I sorry!

It seemed cool at first – Strip Steak with 2 sides at $35.95 and Jerk Chicken with two side orders at $33.95, these days those prices are rather reasonable…

Got two bottles of water while we waited and that’s when the waitress started to smoke nearby, I would have snapped a shot on my Blackberry but Vanity says that’s unethical, as she doesn’t know. I asked her if she would let her staff do this at the Hilton, she tells me that’s not the point (eventually she admitted she’d draw and quarter any staff who did what the waitress did), the waitress kept puffing no matter how many times the wife hacked and coughed. Do you really feel we’ll return?

Then there was the meals in themselves…

My steak was truly ‘strip,’ it was stripped of meat and left with gristle and fat – I dunno why, but pork fat tastes good and will eat it with oinky-meat, but fat on a steak just grosses me out!

I had a Caesar’s salad which seemed to be lettuce and dry crumbly bread as opposed to Croutons, no tomatoes and lightly doused with a minimum of dressing – BLEAH!!

The wife let me taste some of her Jerked Poultry, it was not so bad but very mild, then she gave me one of her Grilled Corn Mini-Cobs and wished she hadn’t!

The damn thing was over-boiled to mush and had some char thrown on it to look grilled! I doubt they will ever see me again, I have been told that the Holetown outlet is way better – but why not be consistently good at all branches? It wasn’t Jus’ Grillin’ at all, I found it Jus’ Illin’ and not in a hip-hop way!

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  1. Fair enough on the gristly beef and over cooked corn…but mild jerk as opposed to HOT jerk is commonly served in Barbados unless specifically requested because of our tourism trade and our guests not used to "our kind of hot". Caesar salad is not supposed to have tomatoes, period! Recipe: romaine lettuce, croutons, Caesar dressing. (sometimes chicken, shrimp, bacon bits etc. are added as requested, but NO tomatoes!) I've personally found Just Grillin' to be amazing food and very economical.
    Just sayin'! ; )

  2. I eat there every week and I've not had a poor meal yet. You were quite unlucky. Now that Mamam Mia place, that's been so bad to me I never go there again.

  3. My husband and I visited the venue in Holetown back in August and I was totally disappointed. My husband had forewarned me that the food/service had deteriorated, but I had visited the one on the South Coast back in May and had enjoyed my meal.So I was quite confident that it would not be unpleasant. Well, first they got my order wrong, and then parts of the fish was under-cooked, as the fillet was chunkier on one end. Well, needless to say I have now joined my husband in saying "I ain gine back!" Consistency does not seem to be their strong point.

  4. Ian there is a place in Goodland just off Deacons Road, which has great grilled fish and chicken on Friday nights only.There are various sides and it is only $15.

  5. Couldn’t have done it any better meself. Thumbs up for this post. Bookmarking this on StumbleUpon now.


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