The Good, The Bad & The Lovely – ACF 2009: Barbados’ Royal Pavilion, Trilogy – Pt 1


What went right or wrong about the recent Absolut Caribbean Fashion?

Some was poor organisation while other faults were definitely at the attitudes, needles and threads of designers.

The better bit can be found in the interludes as clothing lines switch from one designer to the next and of course there were some hot numbers in and of themselves!

GOOD: I was there for two of the the three sessions, by far, Jewel Shannon was the scene stealer – her numbers were hot, sophisticated and sassy without being tasteless.

No wonder Alison Hinds has Jewel as her exclusive designer!

BAD: Why am I filling out an accreditation form when my name is not at the gate, then they just shuttle me through anyway? Why were folk not told of cocktails an hour beforehand on each night? Plus, it’s poor form to invite folk for an after-party then indicate they have to pay for drinks – AT A HOTEL?? ON THE WEST COAST??? Are all guests receiving honorary Titanium Visa Cards pre-loaded with $100 USD????

You do know at most hotels that side to even think of buying a Coke or Banks beer requires a job letter, a pay-slip plus a note from your mother?

I also felt the show could have had a programme which listed the music played during the catwalk moments, it sounded like Shirley Bassey at one point was interpreting Grace Jones’ “Slave To The Rythm“? I liked the songs, and it should be noted many shows actually dedicate a portion of the show or mention their list on their website, e.g. Cold Case, True Blood, Charmed, etc.

LOVELY: There was Mahalia and Kirk Brown of Strategy (Why they put a thick tweed jacket on the dude in tropical Barbados is beyond me… By his second appearance it was off, but he still had on a scarf) but the stealer of the show was Ria Borman who deserves just as much international exposure as another Bajan with a similar name, Rihanna.

She has power, moxie and looks – it was impressive to hear her do Jazmin Sullivan’s “Bust The Windows In Your Car“and whenevr she came out she made sure to give eye contact to almost every section of the audience and use the full length of the runway to strut her stuff, well done!

NEXT: A popular US politicians’ spouse prided for frugality is regaled with ostentatiousness – does it fly? Whose wedding outfits resembled English sheepdogs? Why was their dead air between displays? These and other Questions to be answered in “The Good, The Bad & The Lovely – Part 2

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  1. Have not been here for a while; this one was funny. Hey have you read that Rihanna is to sit down with Diane Sawyer?


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