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Simosa Barbarossa – aka – Simmy: The Rise & Fall of the Matriarch (RIP – Circa 2000/2009)

Simosa Barbarossa – aka – Simmy: The Rise & Fall of the Matriarch (RIP – Circa 2000/2009)

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It is said when Robert Oppenheimer watched the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that he quoted from the Bhagavad-Gita, specifically the part related to Shiva: God of Destruction.

I also feel that way, and even moreso? I do not have the luxury of getting a bowl of water and a towel like Pontius Pilate, no I had to make an executive order and stick to it, find Simmy and have her put down.

She was the reason Simon, Tipi and Mimmo exist, the late Strypes‘ most ardent fan/supporter/lover and I had to have her removed because of incompetence. On my part and others… She had a cut on her mouth, she was taken for treatment in my neighbourhood, and NON-DISSOLVING STITCHES were used – I even asked if that is the best way!

She ripped them out, and made her face look like Dr Phibes, she ran away (probably from the pain) and she came back not fat from her spaying but now like bones with fur, there was nothing else to do since her face was even WORSE! I recalled how my father tried to keep 2 of his dogs by him when they were clearly paralysed and in living death, he said I was cruel yet he did not argue when I said it’s even meaner to keep them around as they were…

I always felt responsible for her as when she got spayed after giving birth to the trio, she was brought back to the house and I felt she should have recuperated in the bathroom and the family member said no, she’s fine, poor Simmy staggered into the heat of my noon-day backyard and I think she lost her sanity from then on. I only found out later that the person who returned Simone was really a dog-love so what do you expect? I suspect their dogs killed li’l Tudie as well.

She was pregnant when Strypes adopted her, and rather than overload the home with cats – eventually we had eight, now down to four – we had her neutered. She never liked me, preferred my mother, wife and stepdaughter. The only two other males she accepted were Strypes and her son Simon.

If ever you weren’t sure where to find her look for odd spots like in bookshelves or boxes…

I always thought of her like the old tragic cat who sang “Memory” in Lloyd-Webber’s ‘CATS.’ Whenever you need a vet? Pass Strathclyde clean okay? Strypes was diagnosed as having “gingivitis” and three months later he died of Mouth Cancer, if it had been caught when spotted he may have lived another two years!

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