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  1. DIGICEL-SPONSORED HONDURAS ON THE ROAD TO FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 GLORY – First Digicel-sponsored team ever to make it to the World Cup

    In an exciting match in San Salvador last night, the Digicel-sponsored Honduras team beat El Salvador (also sponsored by Digicel) 1-0 to put itself on the road to World Cup glory in South Africa next year.This is the first time ever that a Digicel-sponsored team has made it through to the World Cup ? and […]

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  2. Hair meant split with school – 17 year old Barbadian Teenager lands deal with Capitol

    “When I started to grow my hair and I got expelled from school, I knew that music was going to be my future. I thought ?This is what I have to do now? because I just sacrificed my education. School in Barbados is very different than in the United States because we were a British […]

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  3. Inter-Isle Ferry Service by BEDY – Removes itself from Death & Injury in Advance, No Smoking/Drinking Allowed – BDS rates to be announced

    ALL TICKETS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. The Company will not be held responsible for the loss of money or valuables left in the open. Please report the loss of any items to the Representative on board or call the Customer Service direct.

    October 12, 2009News, Travel2 comments

    It has been brought to the attention of University of the West Indies officials (UWI), that cases of the H1N1 virus have been reported on the Cave Hill campus.The virus commonly referred to as Swine Flu is highly contagious and symptoms include fever, coughing etc. The Cave Hill branch of UWI is urging all students […]

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  5. Jah Cure?s music continues to be timeless maintaining a constant presence on local, regional and international charts

    For the second week in a row the Sobe Entertainment/Danger Zone artiste maintains the number one spot on the New York Reggae Chart. He holds this position with the hit You?ll Never Find which is on Don Carleon’s Changes Riddim. The song is also bubbling at #6 on the South Florida Reggae Chart. You?ll Never […]

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  6. Small dog found in Prospect, St James – Call Corrie Scott

    Monday, Oct 5th, 1pm Popular Artist found this tame dog wandering on the main road outside her home & attached photograph.Looks like a Jack Russell.Male. Young. Very healthy and clean.All white except for soft brown colour around head and face.yellowish and black striped collar.Corrie Scott’s tel no 424 39565 Obviously someone’s pet.Tame and clean but […]

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    CAVEAT This is an extremely long yet interesting view on corporate responsibility as it relates to Nature and the Environment, in this case Grenada’s. NB – I do not necessarily subscribe to the views expressed and please consult the actual author of the article instead… In reading the item, I once again lamented how the […]

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  8. Barbados Arts Council Gallery Schedule up to 2011, new Executive by PR Corrie Scott

    On Wed 30th September, the Annual General meeting of The Barbados Arts Council was held and a new Executive for 2009-2010 was voted in. Neville Legall, past and present President of the BAC submitted his annual report which may be seen The new Executive voted in may be seen an updated schedule […]

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  9. Stunning with a conscience? Needed at Martha’s Smile 2009 – Jamaica’s Pegasus

    Hey folks,BoUiK by Toni Thorne’s Martha’s Smile InitiativeType:Music/Arts – AuditionNetwork: GlobalDate: Saturday, October 10, 2009Time: 9:30am – 3:00pmLocation: The Deck, 14 Trafalgar Rd. Kgn 5 Stunning with a conscience? This is YOUR OPPORTUNITY to give back! Martha’s Smile Launch which will be held on the wonderful rooftop of the Jamaica Pegasus on the 25th October, […]

    October 6, 2009Fashion1 comment
  10. FREE art space for artists at Barbados Music Festival

    Calling artists and craftspersons. Only quality local art and craft… no foreign produced work. FREE space for Barbados Music Festival. contact Stephen Campbell 262-5483 Space size 10’/10′, tents and lighting, must look nice… power provided

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  11. La Colombe Hotel et AVIS Haiti ont rendu possible le passage

    {BR’s Note – If ya know what they’re saying – please fill us in? But otherwise, it runs as is… I think it’s about the child of one of the singers from popular Group, ZIN. It reminds me a bit of J-Ko} La Colombe Hotel et AVIS Haiti ont rendu possible le passage en haiti […]

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    THE SITE UpdatedQuote of the weekWebsite of the weekPoll of the month THE FORUM BarbadosA cellphone ban incoming?A lack of respect for our National Anthem?Second swineflu death recorded InternationalBrazil to host the 2016 OlympicsVulcanism in Montserrat BusinessTax 2009: Tax Returns coming in {BR’s Note: Really? Where?} SexualityMen holding their women’s pursesWhy women have sex EntertainmentUltimate […]

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  13. DIGICEL KICK START CLINICS FOOTBALLERS IMPROVING BY THE DAY: International Academy coach sees great improvement after the second day?s training

    The six Digicel Kick Start Clinics footballers from Central America completed their second day of training today with Manchester City?s Academy and received high praise from International Academy Coach, Alex Gibson.Despite torrential rain forcing the team to move inside to one of the Academy?s state-of-the-art indoor astroturf pitches, Tuesday?s first session with Gibson took place […]

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    I went to Jus’ Grillin’ at Quayside the other night with my madam, boy was I sorry! It seemed cool at first – Strip Steak with 2 sides at $35.95 and Jerk Chicken with two side orders at $33.95, these days those prices are rather reasonable… Got two bottles of water while we waited and […]

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  15. Entry for the 2010 Commonwealth Writers? Prize is now open

    The 2010 Commonwealth Writers’ Prize, the global prize for fiction for both established and new writers, has opened for entry. The two categories, for Best Book, worth ?10,000 to the overall winner, and Best First Book, worth ?5,000 to the overall winner, are open to published writers from across the 53 countries of the Commonwealth. […]

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    The six talented young footballers chosen by Liverpool legend and Head Coach of the Digicel Kick Start Clinics Central America, Ian Rush, are gearing up for the last few remaining days when they spend one week’s training at Manchester City?s Academy under some of the best football coaches in the English Premier League. The footballers […]

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    Mario Sabga Aboud ? Chairman of the Pizzaboys Group of Companies FRANCHISING IS WITHOUT DOUBT, THE ANSWER TO UNEMPLOYMENT AND HAS PROVED WORLDWIDE TO BE THE JOB CREATOR OF THE FUTURE. With all the negativity making headlines these days, it’s difficult sometimes to maintain perspective. To put today?s topic into context, I wish to reference […]

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  18. Simosa Barbarossa – aka – Simmy: The Rise & Fall of the Matriarch (RIP – Circa 2000/2009)

    It is said when Robert Oppenheimer watched the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that he quoted from the Bhagavad-Gita, specifically the part related to Shiva: God of Destruction. I also feel that way, and even moreso? I do not have the luxury of getting a bowl of water and a towel like Pontius Pilate, no […]

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  19. Crisis in Manipur 2 – Damon Corrie alert, Jiten in papers

    For those who have missed on the latest from Damon Corrie. Although under Indian police custody, it is a relief that Manipuri Jiten Yumna is walking despite the reports of torture. In the photograph, Jiten is second from left in white shirt and jeans. Here’s what his affiliates have to say;- Jiten Yumna, member of […]

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  20. West Basseterre Bypass Road Nears Completion – PM satisfied as elections draw nearer

    The pace and quality of ongoing work on the West Basseterre Bypass Road was given the green light by a high level government delegation that toured the project, on Thursday. ?I am very, very impressed with the amount of work that has been achieved,? Prime Minister Honourable Dr. Denzil Douglas said, after visiting the stretch […]

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  21. Small Businesses of Barbados advised by Fiscal Guru to buckle down for another tight six months

    If things have been tough since March, then apparently things will be even tougher by the time March 2010 rolls around. Professor Avinash Persaud made this stark projection recently at the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination, Dr Persaud is also Chairman of Intelligence Capital Limited which offers an array of financial services for discerning […]

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  22. Caribbean Highlights at ESPN2: October 4th to October 8th

    Important Notes Major League Baseball Divisional Series Italian Serie A Football ESPN College Football SportsCenter SportsNation Sunday, 10/4 11:00am Sunday NFL Countdown – Live 2:30pm Italian Serie A Football: Palermo vs Juventus – Live 7:00pm O’Reilly NHRA Mid-South Nationals – ST 11:00pm SportsCenter – Live Monday, 10/5 6:00am Mike and Mike in the Morning – […]

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  23. Unification of Rastafari – Barbadian Cinematographer will soon release new DVD October 4, 2009NewsNo comments
  24. Four Wives And A Wedding: South African Businessman says “I do, I do, I do, I do” to four – Fantastic!

    {Our thanks to regular contributor, Betty Holford} For any dude who ever had a fantasy of doing a threesome, this guy outdid you… Try four? May seem fantastic, but many News Services have verified the ceremony which is not that unusual in KwaZulu Natal in South Africa. He is considered wealthy as part of his […]

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  25. Popular Barbadian Artist looking for homes for two cats and two dogs. Please pass this to where there’s a Happily Ever After?

    All are friendly and sweet and great with children. Thank you and all the best! Bill Grace

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