New Blogger has video out and examines Barbados Music Awards, her way!

When this humble li’l ole’ News-Blog cum Web-Magazine began, we had a number of questions concerning the Barbados Music Awards of Ronnie Morris. It created quite a stir at the time and like most other Bajan controversies died a peaceful death after one week and 48 hours…

However lo and behold? A philosophical singer with the lilting tones of an Alannis Morrissette who was never embittered, and all of the philosophical whimsy in the gleam off of a dolphin’s eye as it darts through the Atlantic waves comes iNDRANi Rudder (Author of The Human Bean)! Apart from a magnificent video called “I Know,” she also sees certain lacks within the local awards ceremony which should be redressed;-

It was a magnificent concept – it still is and can be, however what may seem to be a nationally-endorsed event (due to the bold name it bears) looks as if it is going down what appears to be an unfortunate cul-de-sac, in that – inevitably, there is no way out, and directions to the destination seem to be privy only to those invited by the one/s who reside within this dead end, or to those who serve the purpose of agenda-driven inter-breeding.

As this is Part I in a series of discussions, I’m only going to address the topic of CATEGORIES right now. They’ve changed with the wind over the past few years, for reasons one is left to concoct for one’s self as little or no justification has been offered for such drastic actions. It’s important for people to be both acknowledged and commended for their dedication to their craft on all levels. A few SUGGESTED CATEGORIES (whetherof the yearor as an award of merit) are (one I believe was previously in existence):
  • Engineer/Mixing Engineer
  • Artist Manager
  • Deejay
  • Spoken Word Artist
  • Humanitarian Artist (we mustn’t take Aja for granted)
  • Comedic Artist (for those who are bold enough to claim the title. No shame in that.)
  • Best Entertainment Website
* And less performances, unless there’s original material. I’ve not been invited to the event so was never a first-hand witness (though I have performed in a support role, but there was no seating provided, so I promptly left through the ‘servant’s exit‘) but this suggestion has come up many times.

Wow, what a way to treat the people who make the show possible, huh? Keep blogging iNDRANi, whether it’s this kind of pithy substance or that which makes you pause in the corporate hurly-burly and make folks use the right side of their brains a bit more;-

Tonight, the rather cautious and wary turtle I have (of late) come to be, dared to stick her tiny head outside of me. She paused for more than a second, and looked left then right, desperately hoping to see the sign that was nowhere in sight – an indication that just maybe what she was now contemplating could in some way be alright…but, though she hesitated, waited a while even – in the end, nothing happened. No warning bell, no alarm, loud siren, or gong…and so she had little choice but to step out into the great beyond, without agenda, excitement, or a degree of expectation. She just walked – Up ahead, in the not-so-far distance, she could see a mountain she knew she could now climb…
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