Inter-Isle Ferry Service by BEDY – Removes itself from Death & Injury in Advance, No Smoking/Drinking Allowed – BDS rates to be announced

BR’s Note & Observation; Was told about this on FaceBook. This is a long and comprehensive document, which seeks to remove BEDY in advance from death, injury and any loss of improperly stored personal effects. Also if you hoped to pop a bottle of bubbly celebrating an inaugural trip? Make sure it’s non-alcoholic and no lighting of a cigar nor cigarette – What? You thought you were gonna have fun on the trip?

To provide an alternative and affordable means of transport by promoting, ensuring and maintaining a high level of safety, reliability and professionalism for all passengers and stakeholders thus contributing to the process of regional integration.”

To service twelve destinations in the Caribbean within one year of operation.
We pride ourselves in offering quality competitive prices only because we recognize the need to assist in the Caribbean integration movement and provide an alternative.

BEDY Travel Agency and Associates is a fully incorporated company registered under the laws of Grenada. It is based in St. George’s and represented by its CEO Mr. Benjamin Ross. BEDY Oceanline is a leader in fast ferry passenger services in the Caribbean.

The company offers high-speed catamaran services to points in Trinidad, Grenada, St. Vincent, St. Lucia and Barbados with a fleet of two vessels. One with a capacity of 260 passengers and the other with capacity of 300 passengers.

It is intended that the business will be operated using offices referred to as agencies in five countries namely Grenada, St. Vincent, Trinidad, St Lucia and Barbados.

The business is aimed at satisfying the needs of the lower, middle income groups, service clubs, church organisations and any other persons who may require such a service. It will strive to fill a niche due to high air fares, unemployment, lower tourist revenue based on the international downturn and thus the need to create a service that will transport people who are economically disadvantaged and therefore cannot afford the high airfares.

Schedule and Rates
Grenada, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Trinidad and Barbados Departure
BO1 5.00 am Grenada to SVG Arrive 8.45 am
BO2 5.00am SVG to St. Lucia Arrive 7.00am
BO2 7.30 am St. Lucia to Barbados Arrive 10.00am
BO1 3.00 pm SVG to St. Lucia Arrive 5.00pm
BO2 2.00 pm Barbados to St. Lucia Arrive 5.45pm
BO2 6.15pm St. Lucia to SVG Arrive 8.15pm

Tuesday BO1 4.30 am St. Lucia to SVG Arrive 6.30am
BO1 7.00am SVG to Grenada Arrive 10.30am
BO1 11.15am Grenada to Trinidad Arrive 2.30pm
BO2 5.00 am SVG to Barbados Arrive 9.00 am
BO2 4.00pm Barbados to SVG Arrive 7.00 pm

Wednesday BO1 5.00am Trinidad to Grenada Arrive 8.45am
BO1 9.15am Grenada to SVG Arrive 11.30am
BO1 12.15pm SVG to St. Lucia Arrive 2.15pm
BO2 5.00am SVG to St. Lucia Arrive 7.00am
BO2 7.45am St. Lucia to Barbados Arrive 11.00am
BO2 12.00 noon Barbados to St. Lucia Arrive 4.00pm
BO2 4.45pm St. Lucia to SVG Arrive 7.00pm

BO1 4.30am St. Lucia to SVG Arrive 6.30am
BO1 7.00am SVG to Grenada Arrive 9.30 am
BO1 10.15 am Grenada to Trinidad Arrive 1.40pm
BO2 5.00 am SVG to Barbados Arrive 8.45 am
BO1 2.30pm Trinidad to Grenada Arrive 6.00pm
BO2 5.00pm Barbados to SVG Arrive 8.45 pm
BO1 6.45pm Grenada to SVG Arrive 9.00pm

BO1 5.00am SVG to Grenada Arrive 8.45 am
BO2 5.00am SVG to St. Lucia Arrive 7.00am
BO2 7.30 am St. Lucia to SVG Arrive 9.00am
BO2 10.00am SVG to Barbados Arrive 1.00pm
BO1 9.30 am Grenada to Trinidad Arrive 1.00 pm
BO1 2.00pm Trinidad to Grenada Arrive 6.00 pm
BO2 2.00pm Barbados to St. Lucia Arrive 5.00pm
BO2 5.30am St. Lucia to SVG Arrive 7.30pm
Saturday Rest day

Sundays Available for charters Schedule subject to change

From To Prices (Return trip)

St. Vincent to Grenada $120.00 US

St. Vincent to Barbados $120.00 US

St. Vincent to St. Lucia $90.00 US

St. Vincent to Trinidad $130.00 US

Grenada to Trinidad $120.00 US

Grenada to St. Lucia $140.00 US

Grenada to Barbados $140.00 US

St. Lucia to Barbados $140.00 US

Trinidad to Barbados $140.00 US

Trinidad to St. Lucia $140.00 US


A passenger is any person who has paid for and/or has in their possession a valid ticket issued by BEDY Travel and/or its representative.

Passenger fares and schedules refer to currently published brochure and information.


BEDY Travel responsibility extends only from the embarkation to disembarkation. BEDY Travel reserves the rights to change the Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.


1.1 One-Way: Any trip that has completed one leg of travel in any direction and terminates in a port that is not the port of origin.
1.2 Adult: Any person who has reached their 13th birthday will be considered an adult
1.3 Infant: Any person 2 years of age or less
1.4 Child: Any person between the ages 2 years to 13 years of age
1.5 Senior Citizens: any person who has attained the age of 70
1.6 Currency: Rate quoted in US dollars
1.7 Schedules : Timetables indicating arrival and departure times of vessels.
1.8 The Company: Refers to BEDY Travel


2.1 The Company reserves the right to establish advance booking purchase time limits. The Company reserves the right to automatically cancel any reservation that has not met the advance booking purchase time limit.

2.2 The issuance of a boarding pass and receipt by The Company of the applicable fare will be a confirmation of the passenger’s reservation.

2.3 The Company reserves the right to collect a surcharge on the fare paid if an increase has occurred prior to the commencement of travel.

2.4 There is no guaranteed fare if ticketed in advance. Boarding passes are non-transferable and non-refundable. Boarding passes are valid only for the date and time shown on the document.

2.5 The Company reserves the right to refuse to accept any boarding pass that has been mutilated, lost, or stolen. A ticket and/or boarding pass is considered valid only after it has been properly endorsed by The Company.

2.6 The Company shall not be liable in the event of a ticket, boarding pass loss, destruction, or theft, or if the ticket is honored for transportation or refund when presented by any other person.

2.7 The Company reserves the right to request passengers to present valid identification documents before traveling and will not be liable if a passenger-other than the person entitled to travel under a ticket- who has presented to The Company valid identification documents -corresponding to the passenger named on the ticket- has traveled and/or has been reimbursed

2.8 Tickets are valid for 60 days from the date of issue except for tickets that have restricted validity. A ticket is not transferable except if provided otherwise by local applicable laws. The person allowed to travel is the person named on the ticket (passage contract).

2.9 Tickets, and/or boarding passes are only valid for travel 60 days from the purchase date except tickets that have restricted validity.

3.0 The Company reserves the right to refuse cash or credit card refunds on any purchase or unused boarding pass.


3.1 The Company reserves the right to refuse any passenger holding a valid ticket or boarding pass that has not checked in at the departure terminal a minimum of 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure.

3.2 Luggage must be loaded and passengers on board no later than 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure.

3.3 Reservations for walk-on passengers not checked-in 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure will be canceled, with forfeiture of entire fare.

3.4 The Company may elect to establish a business class or frequent traveler service/reservation with special check-in considerations.

3.5 Each passenger must carry proper identification valid passport, visa or other travel documents for security purposes.

3.6 All passengers are required to present their boarding card and a valid passport or ID to the vessel authorized personnel. The carrier reserves the right to deny embarkation to any individual who does not possess a valid boarding card and valid travel documents or fails to prove beyond doubt, his/her identity.

3.7 The person allowed to travel will be the person named on the ticket. The name must correspond with the valid identification document presented.

3.8 The Company cannot be held responsible in the event that authorities prevent a passenger from continuing his/her journey.

3.9 In the event of a fine being imposed on The Company by the immigration office, the amount will be charged to the passenger who failed to provide the proper legal documents.

3.10 In the event of immigration officials refusing entry, the passenger will be sent back at his/her own expense. We would recommend that citizens of all states contact the appropriate Consulate for details.

3.10 Infants and children also require an official form of identification.

3.11 All passengers and all items brought on board the vessel are subject to security search prior to boarding and boarding our vessel and/or anytime while onboard our vessel. Passengers or persons who refuse to submit to a search will be denied boarding and will be reported to the appropriate port authorities.

3.12 Once you have boarded the vessel you are not allowed to disembark prior to departure. If you do so, you should take all your luggage. Please report at check-in any firearms you might carry.


4.1 The Company reserves the right to refuse passage to any, person or luggage. Persons who do not comply with security inspections during check-in will be denied passage and may be escorted from the terminal by security personnel.

4.2 The Company reserves the right to refuse any person access on any service for any reason including any person who is unruly in behavior, unfit to travel, is likely to cause distress or discomfort to other passengers or has previously engaged in any unlawful activities affecting The Company. The Company may also require any such person to leave the vessel.

4.3 The Company has the right to refuse access on any of its’ carriers to any passenger carrying any noxious plant or animal pest. The Company has the right to inspect the contents of any passenger’s luggage or freight for any noxious plant or animal pest on any service whose destination is part of the route and report such to the Ministry of Agriculture, Pest Division

4.4 Unaccompanied Minor: The Company reserves the right not to accept any child or youth under the age of 17 years, unless accompanied by an adult passenger or Notarized letter.

4.6 Wheelchair Passengers: The Company will accept for carriage passengers in wheelchairs. If a wheelchair passenger is unable to care for himself or herself through the entire trip, he or she must be accompanied by a qualified attendant who will attend to those needs. Disabled Passengers the company will be happy to assist anyone who needs extra help. Please contact our ticket office before departure.

4.7 Firearms and Other Dangerous Goods: The Company will not accept for carriage firearms, ammunition, explosives, disabling devices such as mace, pepper spray etc containing an irritant or incapacitating substance, toxic and infectious substances, sharp or other dangerous objects which could be used as weapons, corrosive, magnetized or radioactive materials, flammable liquids and compressed gases and or any other form of goods considered dangerous. Any items confiscated by Customs may not be returned.

4.8 In order to protect the health, safety, security and comfort of its passengers, The Company reserves the right to refuse transportation to any person, article or goods or to remove same from any vessel, or from any terminal or other property occupied by The Company.


5.1 The Company reserves the right to change or alter the schedule to meet traffic demands. The Company will not accept any liability arising from an alteration in the published schedule or route.

5.2 The Company shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or inconvenience suffered by any passenger resulting from late, delayed or cancelled sailings, arrivals or departures regardless of the cause or from any change or deviation in any schedule of sailing times from those published by The Company.

5.3 The Company does not guarantee that the service shall start or arrive at the time stated in the schedule and will not be liable for any additional costs incurred by the passenger as a result of any delay.

5.4 The Company may cancel any scheduled operation without liability if in its opinion the safety of the passengers, crew, or vessel could be in danger or for any other reason in the Company’s sole and absolute discretion.

5.5 The liability of The Company if any will cease when passengers are landed at any port. The Company reserves the right to substitute a vessel or cancel any operation entirely if it becomes necessary for any reason.

5.6 The Company reserves the right to land at intermediate ports and/or ports beyond destination or to divert to alternate ports for safety and/or rescue purposes or such other purpose as may reasonably be determined by The Company.

5.7 The Company may conclude the voyage at such ports without additional compensation to the Passenger.

5.7 Passengers maybe subject to ticket audits at anytime, and all tickets and passes for travel remain the property of BEDY OCEANLINE.

5.8 The Company may sell services of other operators who are not connected with BEDY Travel and whose operations are outside the control of The Company. The Company accept no responsibility or liability for the service provided by those operators except as required by law.


6.1 If the ferry is cancelled or delayed and a passenger chooses alternate transportation to or off the island the Company will not be responsible for additional expenses incurred such as travel, transportation, hotel, food or any other additional expenses.

6.2 If the passenger chooses alternate transportation he or she has the option to be fully refunded for that unused portion of the ticket or exchange it for a different trip. The unused ticket must be presented for a refund.

6.3 The Company reserves the right to change its schedule, fares or route at any time and does not accept any liability arising from an alteration in the published schedule, fares or route or pay for any additional costs which may be incurred by its passengers.

6.5 Passenger Ticket Cancellation: ALL TICKETS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

6.6 If a ticketed passenger fails to make his/her scheduled departure time, the tickets will be valid for 60 days. Passengers who need to make changes to their reservations must do so within 24 hours prior to departure.

6.8 All tickets purchased are valid for any scheduled ferry departure on a stand-by basis.

6.9 The Company is entitled to retain the total value of the ticket if the passenger interrupts his voyage at an in-between port, unless the interruption is due to illness, accident or force of nature.

6.10 Company Ferry Cancellation: The Company at its sole and absolute discretion reserves the right to cancel any scheduled trip and/or substitute a vessel without liability if it becomes necessary for any reason.

6.11 The Company cannot be held liable for the delays due to any unforeseen circumstances such as weather, tides, sea conditions or mechanical conditions.

6.12 The Company does not guarantee that the service shall depart or arrive at the time stated in the schedule and will not be liable for any additional travel costs incurred by the passenger as a result of any cancellation.


7.1 Each adult and children passenger will be allowed one carry on an item such as a briefcase, laptop or personal bag and two pieces of luggage maximum of 60lbs per piece free of charge. The passenger may substitute fishing or golfing equipment for one piece of luggage.

7.2 You will be required to carry on your own luggage and place it in the luggage area.

7.3 The Company accepts no responsibility for a passenger’s personal luggage which is under their care and control, and for which no fee has been charged.

7.4 The Company liability for luggage that is under BEDY Ocean Line care and control and for which a separate fee has been charged is limited to liability pursuant to the Carriage of Goods Act 1979. The Act limits The Company liability to $1,500 per person. Passengers are advised to arrange their own insurance cover for amounts over $1,500.


8.1 The Company is under no obligation to accept for carriage any luggage or accept any article or goods which do not meet its requirements with respect to identification or condition.

8.2 Company can refuse to carry any article that the Company, in its sole judgment, considers harmful or dangerous to the vessel, passengers, crew, or other goods being transported.

8.3 The Company has the right, but not the obligation, to verify in the presence of the passenger the contents of luggage.

8.4 The Company is not liable for loss or damage to passengers’ baggage or property.

8.5 No petrol or gas cylinders may be carried in personal luggage. Items with a fuel tank must be declared and the tank must be empty.

8.6 Small LPG bottles, paint, batteries and other dangerous substances must be declared and stowed safely under the direction of the vessel crew. If in doubt declare the item to the Master of the vessel or the Representative of The Company.


9.1 Extra pieces of baggage (that is pieces in excess of the above allowance) will be subject to excess baggage charges and will only be accepted on a space available basis.

9.2 All excess bags will be tagged as STANDBY.

9.3 Baggage taken on a standby basis will be accepted with the understanding that The Company is not liable for delays in the transportation of the baggage to its destination.

9.4 The Company will not accept responsibility for the customs clearance and/or the ground transportation cost incurred by passengers for the collection of stand by baggage.

9.5 $5.00 USD per lb will be applied to overweight, oversized and excess baggage.


10.1 Items other than luggage such as Packages and Boxes will be subject to an additional charge depending on weight and size.

10.2 Other items would include furniture, household goods, commercial products and boxed goods.

10.3 All freight will be subject to an inspection prior to boarding. If the passenger or shipper refuses to submit to a search then the freight will be denied boarding.


11.1 The Company will not be held responsible for the loss of money or valuables left in the open. Please report the loss of any items to the Representative on board or call the Customer Service direct.


12.1 All passengers, personal items, luggage and freight may be subject to search and inspection prior to boarding our vessel and/or anytime while on board our vessel.

12.2 Passengers or persons who refuse to submit to a search will be denied boarding.

12.3 Pack appropriately to avoid inconvenience and delays at security check points and during the passenger screening process, we recommend that you place items such as jewelry, keys, cell phones etc. in your carry-on baggage and not on your person.


13.1 Group rate tickets or boarding passes must be purchased and paid in full a minimum of 30 days prior to travel.

13.2 A non-refundable deposit payment of 20% on bookings is required upon reservation. Payment of a deposit forms part of the final payment and means you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions of Sale and Travel.

13.3 Outstanding balance must be paid 30 days before departure.

13.4 Payment can be made by credit card, bank draft, government invoice or cash. Only one form of payment per transaction will be accepted.

13.5 Group tickets or boarding passes are valid only for departures issued and are nonrefundable if not used. Cancellations made 30 to 15 days prior to travel may be eligible for a 50% credit.

13.6 A group consists of 15 adult passengers or more. Children under the age of 2 are not included in the group count.

13.7 For every 6 children between the ages 2 to 13 years, 1 adult must (18 years or older) must accompany them.

13.8 All passengers must travel on the same itinerary to receive the group fare.

13.9 Reservations are booked in the name of the group. A group escort name and contact phone number is required.

13.10 A list of names of all group members is required 15 days prior to departure.

13.11 Check-in is required one hour before departure. Group escort must check-in on day of travel and distribute boarding passes to the individual group members.

13.12 All terms and conditions apply to group passengers as well.


14.1 7% discount will be given to groups on all Destinations.

14.2 Special or discounted fares are subject to conditions for travel established by The Company.

14.3 Special or discounted fares will only be applicable on certain dates, departures and seat availability may be limited.

14.5 Upon proof of age senior citizens and children maybe eligible to travel at a published discounted fare.

14.4 Children and senior citizens traveling in a group will be given normal child or senior citizen discount in addition to the group discount.


15.1 Currency: All charges noted on The Company website and in The Company’s brochures, on board the ferry, or in The Company’s terminals will be, as indicated, in U.S. dollars (cash or credit card) unless otherwise noted.

15.2 The fares of tickets purchased in other countries or onboard may differ due to fluctuations in the exchange.

15.3 Payments for tickets can be purchase in the currency of the respective countries.- TTD, BDD,ECD or USD.


16.1 The Company is committed to making every effort to adhere strictly to its schedule.

16.2 The Company reserves the right to change or alter the schedule to meet traffic demands.

16.3 The Company cannot be held responsible for any delays caused by third parties, port authorities or extreme or unusual weather conditions.

16.4 Timetables and fares listed are based on conditions existing at the time of publication. If any condition should change after the time of publication The Company reserves the rights to make changes or to refrain from contractual obligations.

16.5 In the event of an increase in fuel prices, currency fluctuation or other unforeseen circumstances The Company reserves the rights to change the fares without prior notice.


17.1 Payment of taxes only will be required for children 2 years of age and under.

17.2 Adults are responsible for the behavior of accompanying children in their care or under their supervision at all times.

17.3 The Company reserves the right not to accept any child or youth under the age of 17 years, unless accompanied by an adult.

17.4 Reservations for unaccompanied minors will only be accepted if written permission is received from parent or legal guardian.

18. PETS:

18.1 The Company assumes no liability for pets. Pets are to be leashed at all times.

18.2 Any costs to the Company arising from a pet will be the responsibility of the passenger bringing the
pet aboard.

18.3 Pets are not permitted on the passenger seats.

18.4 Owners or guardians are required to have their pet’s valid health documents with them while traveling and follow all entry regulations. For all cats, dogs and ferrets valid rabies vaccination document is mandatory. For more information, please always check with your veterinary.


19.1 No smoking is permitted on any of The Company’s vessels, The Company licensed areas or areas under the control of The Company.

19.2 Passengers will NOT be allowed to consume alcohol OR alcoholic beverages on board the vessel. Those violating this condition will be asked to surrender their alcohol until the completion of their journey.


20.1 Prices include transportation as specified in the itineraries and applicable taxes and fees.

20.2 Prices do not include (without limitation) insurance of all kinds; phone calls; beverages; meals not detailed in the itinerary; gratuities to taxi, courtesy van, or tour drivers; items of a personal nature; excess baggage; optional excursions; or any other service.


21.1 The Company is not liable for any personal injury or death

21.2 If there is an injury or death, written notification must be sent to The Company by the injured passenger, their representative or the representative of the estate of a deceased passenger upon which an investigation will be launched.


22.1 Entering the passenger departure area of the terminal is deemed valid consent to screening or inspection: and failure to consent or submit to screening will result in denial or revocation of authorization to enter the vessel.

22.2 The passenger acknowledges that it has been provided by The Company with the opportunity to review The Company’s Privacy Policy, by way of notice on the Company’s website, and to consent or object to the use of the personal information in accordance with the said policy.

23. Copies of the Terms and Conditions of Sale and Travel are available from any BEDY Travel Office or from its’ Representative or Agent in the respective island.

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  1. They can keep their stinking ferry then… Not liable for injury or death….. really now….
    So if they hit a reef and I fall down and break my hand they would just tell me “Sorry Boss!”..

  2. It seems to me that they feel that they are able to do as they please to passengers including cancelling trips without full refunds. Someone needs to alert BEDY to the fact that they are not a monopoly in the region but an ALTERNATE form of transport, however I will still sail with them once and see how the trip goes before I decide whether or not to stay with Caribbean Airlines/LIAT.


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