Daren Ganga threatens war on ESPNStar over article’s comments – history repeats itself?

TT cricket star-boy Daren Ganga is blue vex with ESPN-Star, he says they are prevaricating, and used the WIPA to do his bitching;-

I would like to make it abundantly clear that the interview published by ESPNStar.com today, Tuesday October 27th 2009, purportedly between me and one Rajarshi Gupta is a complete and utter fabrication.

I participated in no such interview nor did I make comments which are attributed to me in the article. I do not know Mr. Gupta nor can I recall meeting anyone by that name whilst I was in India.

The article leaves me baffled but I suspect that this vicious and mischievous attack may be designed to sow discord.

I have provided these facts to the West Indies Players Association and have asked the President and CEO Mr. Dinanath Ramnarine to contact ESPN-Star and demand a complete retraction and a public apology on my behalf. Should this not be forthcoming I will be forced to seek legal advice on the matter.

Daren Ganga

Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Team

Now we are not saying he did or did not make the statement but check the following item, he seems to have a history of ‘lies‘ following his trail? [If you like larger type, click on the image]

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