Ingrid Persaud is thinking of collaboration in all its many facets. She says it’s about ?working with? but the who and the why remain vague. She wants to experiment over the web for Bajans to come together & make something none of us can make alone?

The proposal is simple.

On Friday 16 October at 12 noon you take a photo with your phone camera and email it to Ingrid.

The photo can be of anything or anyone or yourself.

Her email address is

She’ll collage the photos into one (hopefully interesting) image that will be posted for all to download.

All it takes is a minute to be part of art-through-web-collaboration.

Here’s to your pictures from around the globe.

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  1. Darn and double darn, I seem to miss all the stuff that I would like to particpate in! Is this just a one off?

  2. Sorry it was just a one off but I am always searching for ways of making art through collaboration so I'm sure they'll be another opportunity for you to participate.


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