Barbadian Economics ? 4 Burgers cheaper than SIX? Talk about hit for 6!


Visited the bakery on the outskirts of Eagle Hall not long ago, was doing late last-minute shopping on a weekend and decided some burgers for work during the week would be cool…

Me and the wife like Farmers’ Choice Seasoned Burgers so I go to the freezer and check what’s available, I see a six-pack and went to grab it but then I saw the price and my subconscious alarm bells went off…

Whipped out my trusty crackberry and activated the Calc App and sure enough – a pack of four is CHEAPER than a pack of six!

Huh??? Told Management and they promised to investigate. Just a few days ago, was at Big B and see more Seasoned Burgers – this time I already switched on the calculator from beforehand…

{ATTN: Product & Photo are MINE, at my house, no copyright infringed here} $2.20 per patty is the quartet while the sextet costs $3.29 each – um, have you ever heard the phrase ‘Bulk Shopping‘? As in Price Mart or ShopSmart?

In the end, I am better off buying two packs of 4 Seasoned Burgers than their one six-pack! Who loses? The Supermarket? No, instead of one I get two packs… Me? No, because I penny-pinched I learned where to avoid a pitfall – so that leaves?

The Manufacturer! Please go to the back of the class and redo “Arithmetic so simple even Dubya and Dan Quayle can understand it“!

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