True Friends Don’t Judge – When Flat Tyres Reveal Character

What a weird story, but let’s see if we can simplify… I need new tyres, yet I am lacking sufficient cash – luckily, I understand my way overdue Tax Rebate is under Assessment… Alleluia!

Meanwhile, the right front tyre went soft while at work – get this, I HAVE NEVER CHANGED A TYRE IN MY LIFE – so I took vehicle (flat and all) to Esso Culloden and paid fifty to a dude who changed for me… A taximan asking me why I wasn’t doing it and when I explained he said I must be joking and he don’t believe me, when I trying to reveal what really happened he just up’s and get in his van and shift.

Meanwhile, I got this car in 2006 – the dealer said he would put on new tyres as part of the deal… He did NOT tell me the spare was a baby donut! I did try calling a mechanic friend of mine and he said he was busy (he helped me when I had a bad battery at the end of a work-day last month), yet when he learned also that I never winched a jack he asked me what kind of man I am? That hurt.

I got the tyre patched at Bridge Road with an old dude near the purple rum-shop, his place is dilapidated old galvanise, it took 90 minutes and 55 bucks!

When my wife heard what happened she just hugged me and said I must have had a really shitty day, nothing else – so I asked her if she’s surprised I never changed a flat.

Baby, I knew that when I married you! Your idea of tools and gadgets is the Internet or cellphones and laptops, I never know what to do there and have to ask you – if anything, I am the one who’s more toolbox oriented!

Needless to say, she made me feel like a King once more, thanks – babydoll for being a real pal; I love you! (Still, I better learn in case when next such a calamity rears its ugly head, I can handle it, huh?)

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  1. wha kinda journaliss you is? how you gine pursue a story propa if in the middle of driving to the incident you wheels gone flat.

    looka try an learn how to change a tire ya! 🙂

    juss kidding man

  2. I en't larf so much in a while, t'anks ya ;D


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