Facebook & Trident list many unhappy Bajan taxpayers: How many readers from Barbados received their Income Tax Rebate? If not, what is next step?

As consistent readers would be aware I have a few beefs with Governments of both parties… When we were under the BLP, it was the relocation of Emmerton residents without a by-your-leave or a Town Hall in Strathclyde…

With this regime, there are two matters – the deafening silence by the Environment Ministry over the dissolving destruction that used to be the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary (This despite the fact I personally told Minister Denis Lowe to get up and do something since January at SSA’s Reed St Depot in presence of Permanent Secretary Lionel Weekes, but Lowe’s idea to be active was to subsequently try and discredit me as PRO of SSA – behind my back – at Management meeting, confirmed by two separate sources at same gathering); as well as the continuing saga of waiting sooooo LONG for Income Tax Refund, not only NOW but in 2008!

WHAT USED TO HAPPEN FROM 2000/2007: File by April 1 to 15, Rebate sent via mail and reaches Late June, never past July.

2008? Filed by April 15th, could not service car nor do tune-up until rebate arrives in October and cheque dated September – vow to send refund to Credit Union ATM since folk who used that option got theirs faster (then)…

2009? File online with help of IRD officer since we’re told rebate will arrive faster in Credit Union ATM …. HAH! Still waiting and if October ends? Then I can start charging THEM interest!

At the Trident Discussion forum, there’s an IRD employee who’s trying ever so hard to do damage control, but failing miserably so his last resort when I complain is to urge me to shut up – I will, WHEN I GET MY F***ING MONEY!

The online user who goes by the moniker of “@rs3n1c” or Arsenic, got very nervous when I questioned if the Treasury indeed has any funds.

What was even more intriguing was when the I took the situation and posed it on Facebook and the list of answers which just bubbled up in no time flat…

“…this is a clear indication of what we all knew after elections…the treasury honestly does not have any money! So many gov’t departments took some major hits to their budgets.”

What was sad is one user has been in a worse position than many and she did nothing to seek redress;-

“…still waiting for my 1996 to 2006 refunds Ian… God Bless Moses!!!

If that was ME? Can you say “LAWSUIT” or “DISCRIMINATION“? I understood some got their rebates in August with cheques post-dated to September so one has to wonder what is really happening? However, some of my family just got theirs and hopefully my turn will arise before my Birthday, or there will be Hell to pay!

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  1. Sam Lord's Castle, Graeme Hall, all the national assets left to rack and ruin, but as long as we can dance, no problem.


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