Other Voices – Zemicon Gallery of Barbados to the power of 10

Ten fingers.

Ten toes.

Separate entities, yet aiming for common goals.

Reaching, grasping, travelling, fighting, loving, stroking, and more – like how good art should do too, eh?

These sentiments are left for you to discover in Bridgetown at Hincks Street until the end of this month… “Other Voices” is a special presentation by ten artists each with different tales.

Joyce Daniel, an award-winning artist, gets to the sole of things in her Quantum Jump, while Aurelia Walcott’s Water Roots collection shows a fascination of the trail of tresses inundated with – passion, daydreaming, contemplation? Go and decide…

There’s the intricate and allegorical heraldry of Ann Rudder which can make you stare for hours tracing each complexity of her many coats of arms, Bill Grace studies his perpetual mandalas in a more miniscule manner…

Aussie-Bajan Julianne Gill has Lounsbury like seascapes but her Fern & Butterfly tickled my fancy, most of the works here seldom go above $2,000.00 and it’s only Bill Grace’s larger works which start to look for deeper pockets.

A magnificent debut for art investment collection would be the digital photo paintings of Derek Went, better known for his recipes, chef videos and catering he has turned his hand to thoroughly unusual portrayals of what would be ordinary Barbadian pastoral or mundane scenery like Red Locks Rasta and abstract representations which border onto sexual versions of Charles Lutwidge Dodson‘s dreamscapes, such as “Love Of Nature, Nature Of Love.”

Martina Pile shows her fascination with calabash, as her daughter, former BCC pupil and BFA graduate Simbah (not shown since I am yet to learn how to properly snap glass shots, you have to angle just right and I am yet to reach that status) continues her dalliance with fairy-tales and depicting females in a rather Aubrey Beardsley manner.

Also under glass is Alicia Alleyne, another BFA grad from BCC, she has abstract depictions of newspaper shards with esoteric titles of C5 and C6 – those names sounding more like medical terms for vertebrae of the spine than anything else.

Another worthwhile participant at this show is Nicholas Barnett who is known to dabble in gouache, having taken some training in Germany, he’s returned to his roots and made typical subjects appear atypical in his style of representation. Flung To Rest and Alone Easter Sunday are part of his display…

12 paragraphs (not including this one) on ten artists, now it’s your turn, especially if you’re looking for a reasonable debut into using art as an investment.

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