“How Many Rivers Do We Have To Cross Before We Can Talk To The Boss All That We Got It Seems We Have Lost We Must Have Really Paid The Cost That’s Why We’re Gonna Be Burnin’ And Ah Lootin’ Tonight Burnin’ All Pollution Tonight”

Bob Marley

Mutiny On The Bounty.

Singers, Players Of Instruments And Producers. The Creators Without Whom We Have Little Or Nothing. Are We Ready To Take This Whole Thing Back? Back From The Vultures, From The Reckless Media And From Djs With Only Their Own Agendas At Heart? Are We Not Tired Of Being Treated Like Beggars? Of Kissing So Much Ass? Lets Remember We Are The Creators Of This. God Is The Creator. There Is No One Above Him. This Is The Mindset We Have To Have . We Are At Home And Alotta Of Us Have Put Many Years Into This. There Is A Huge Amount Of Young Talent Right Here In Bim And We Are Allowing Them To Become Frustrated By The Bullshit Surrounding Our Music. I Am All For Paying Dues But I Am Not About People Who Can Play A Key Role In Building An Industry Frustrating The Shit Out Of Our Talent By Putting Their Egos And Agendas And Money In Front Of The Music. We Can Take It Back People. We Can Make Them All Insignificant And Make Them Come To Us. But It Takes A United Force. Every Friggin One Together Sayin ‘F’ You We Tekkin Back Dis!! We Need To Make It About Us And Not Them. Not The Radio Stations, Not The Djs, Not The Sponsors Who Just Lookin To Exploit We Ass And Go Long Til Next Friggin Crop Over…Yeh..Crop Over…A Tiny Speck In The Real Big Picture…A Little Speck That Gets All The Focus While Hundreds Of Talented People Fall By The Wayside Or Get Snapped Up By America With No Real Benefit To Us While We Slumber. As I Said In An Earlier Post…We Focus On Growing Weeds And Letting Weeds Grow Over Our Fruit Trees…Then America Come And Sift Thru The Weeds And Say Woooohoooo Look What We Found…Fruit Trees!! If You Guys Don’t Mind…We’ll Have These…Bye Bye!! Lol…Fackin ‘Ell. How Much Longer Are We Gonna Allow The Unprofessional Mediocre Bullshit Around Here To Continue? Here Is What I See Needs To Be Done. I Can Speak For De Red Boyz. We Are No Longer Willing To Operate Under Current Conditions And Therefore Will Not Be Releasing Anymore Music To Bajan Media Until The Situation Is Reversed. We Will Continue To Work On Our Various Projects And Will Utilize The Internet And Various Publicists To Get Our Music Out Of This Town. If It Filters Back Here Then Fine. If We Are To Be Victimized Here Because Of It, Well Then So Be It. Play Our Music Or Don’t Friggin Play It. Seek Informaton From Us And Print It Or Don’t Print It…We Won’t Be Volunteering It…. We Goin Round In Circles Anyway…So What’s To Lose Eh? Nuttn Really But A Few ‘Friends’… Read Between Those Lines And You Will See What We Will Have… Bajan Radio – Now Insignificant..Bajan Superstar ‘Egoed Out’ Djs – Insignificant…..Bajan Entertainment Desk – Insignificant…Sponsorship Money That Makes All The Wrong People Rich And Benefits Only A Handful Of Us – Who Cares…Leh Dem Guhlong Man. Make Them All Come To Us…Mariah Carey Don’t Come Down Here And Kiss Dem Ass Wid A Bag Full Of Cds. Yet If We Don’t Give Every Single One Ah Dem A Song, U Hearing Talk Bout ‘If This And That I Ent Playing It’…Well Don’t Farkin Play It Then. Imagine If We All Took This Stance…What Do They Have To Play?…Especially At Their Precious Little Crop Over Where They About Making As Much Fete Money As They Can….They Will Have To Listen To Bajantube And The Like And Try And Get It How They Can…Or Call And Ask Us For It. Also We Have A Shituation Here With The Print Media….Real Talk…The Majority Of Them Don’t Know One Fark About What We Do…Nothing…Yet Are Allowed To Influence Public Opinion…Talking About Music And Melody And Blah Blah….And Wouldn’t Know What Melody Is If It Bit Them In De Ass…I Say Stop Talking To Them….Make Them Go Away Coz It’s Been Too Long…Send Them Back To The Courtroom To Cover Cases Or To Parliament To Cover Bachannal Between Left And Right. Keep The Lil Handful That Know Or Are Interested In Really Knowing And Get Rid Of The Fan And Groupie Jokerlists Who Jus Like To Feel Important And Clogging Up Front Row Seats And Backstage Areas.

Let Us Make Our Own Bed People And Make It Sweet. Let’s ‘F’ Off With The Federations And Armies And Foundations And Egyptians An Dem Who Trying To Segregate And Separate And Danglin Carrots….Together We Can Build Something Serious That We Can Really Benefit From.

Here Are Just A Few Things I Know Will Help Us. And They Ain’t Rocket Science.

1. An Fm Frequency. It Doesn’t Have To Be Open All Day Everyday. Lets Start With 3 Shows A Week…3 Hours In Length Per Show…. To Play Our Music…Music Past And Present…..And We Got Nuff!!….With A Dj Or Presenter That’s Knowledgeable And Understands His Or Her Role In Us Building An Industry…That Knows It’s Not Really About Them…Someone That, For Instance, Ain’t Gonna Open The Mic And Start Singing Over An Edwin Song Like Karaoke N That Kinda Crap…..Have Interviews With Our Artistes From Lord Radio To Sir Ruel….Let Them All Tell Their Stories…Imagine The Knowledge That Would Be Spread Around If We Just Let Them Speak…And Not Interrupt Them With Piffle Every Few Minutes…O Maaan…Lord Radio Talking About Laying Foundation…About His Life In Music…The Ups N Downs…The Funny Stories…Emile Straker And The Merrymen…..Wendy Alleyne….The Mighty Gabby….Eddie Grant….Rbp…The Merryboys / Ivory…..Norman Barrow….Spice And Company…John King….Cyndi Legall…Tc….Boo And Bert And The Blue Rhythm Combo… Ken Jones And Prince Cave And The Troubadours….De Opels And Foreigner Frank….Nick Brancker…Philip Forrester…..John Roett.. Arturo Tappin..Edwin And Krosfyah….Alison Hinds And Blood And Square One…We Could Be Here All Day But You Get The Picture….We Could Fill Show Upon Show For A Decade Man…Blemma….Then One Day Per Week…Lets Say Friday…Would Be New Music Day…All Studios Involved…All Genres Involved…Standards And Quality In Place…And We Bussin New Tunes….Imagine How Exciting That Would Be….People Locked On To See Who Comin Wid What….Just Like The Lil Crop Over But On A Much Larger Scale Now. Picture It…It Ain’t Difficult To Let The Imagination Run Wild On This One. Any Sponsors Wanna Step Outta The Box Here Uh??? I Dare You!

2. An Organisation, Preferably With Government Backing, That Will Be Serious About The Development Of Our Music. Give It A Funky Name. No National Blah Blah Boring Thing. First Order Of Business Is To Secure The Names, Mailing Addresses And Email Addresses Of The Major Players Both Regionally And Internationally. A&R People, Publicists, Radio Stations, Djs, Entertainment Websites..You Name It…..So That When We’re Done Creating Something We Believe Is Hot That We Have An Avenue To Reach People Right Away…Take That Little Burden Off Of The Creative Minds And Let Them Create With The Knowledge That There Is Some Support. This Will Benefit Us All Round. Our Producers, Musicians, Singers, Songwriters…Everyone Will Have The Opportunity To At Least Be Heard. We Have Major Stars Now So When People See ‘New From Barbados’ In Correspondence They Will More Than Likely Give It A Listen…We Ain’t Goin In File 13 No More. This Organisation Will Be Responsible For Much More But We Can Easily Start At What’s Above. We Will Utilize The Best Minds Available To Be Involved In The Development….No Politics Just Music.

3. Sound Systems And Free Jams…..This Played A Huge Part In The Success Of Jamaican Music. They Used To Buss All The New Tunes…The Djs Embraced It And Those Who Could Would Scat And Chant Over The Riddim Tracks Of The Tunes Comin Out….This Is Where The ‘Dj’ Thing Came In….Why Beenie Man Et Al Are Called ‘Djs’ To This Day. …Also Get Backing Bands To Set Up And Play For The People And Push Our Music…Just Like Jamaica Did…Set Up On A Pasture And Leh We Go….Sponsors Wunna Dey???…..Government??…Helloooooo??…Yeh Man….Let’s Do It!….Alll Year Round…All Genres…From Kite And Tre Zay To We Soca And Reggae…Buggy An Kirton An All Dem….Rosemary And Marissa U Can Come And Jazz It Up Too…..Imagine It People…..It Ain’t Hard. It Can Work…Passion Network Put On A Free Jam…I Went And Saw….We Can Do All This And Include Everyone In Our Society…Men On The Block To Collar And Tie…Without Incedent!! We Give To Dem And They Give To We…. And We Building Something Now. I Don’t Know About Wunna But I Real Excited At The Prospects.

Anyway I Would Like To Close By Thanking Everyone For Reading And Contributing To My Posts Over The Last Few Weeks. We Cannot Let The Fire Die Down Now That Crop Over Is Done And The Bandwagonists Have Gone Into Hybernation….We Need To Burn Harder Now….Show Dem All How Serious We Are.

I And De Red Boyz Have Managed To At Least Build A Name From Home Support And We Are Truly Grateful… But This Is Not About One Person Or Group…..We Need Alllll Our Talented People To Be Encouraged And To Benefit…And To Learn….Learn About Professionalism And Quality And Standards….And Under Current Conditions This Ain’t Gonna Happen Anytime Soon….So Lets Flip It…Kick Over De Bucket And Go Side By Side……Make It About Us!

Thank You All.

Mikey Hulsmeier.

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  1. That was kinda difficult to read in all caps. Reminds me of Kanye West and his infamous blog posts

  2. Sure was. I say copy the whole thing into Word, change it to sentence case and repost it. My eyes hurting.

  3. I tried using sentence case, and this was closest I could get?


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