Inland Revenue of Barbados playing the fool again – Barbadians grumbling for their Income Tax Refunds

Last year my rebate from the Dept of Inland Revenue took til Oct for me to see in my hand although it was dated Sept 11, which made me suspect a quasi-terrorist attack (LOL)… I took the blame as I wanted a cheque yet folks who took the Credit Union option got their refund since May!

From 2001 to about 2007 I used to file way before deadline and wait two months for my cheque, so somewhere in June I was happy and then did boring things with the money like get my car serviced or use it for insurance or road tax, etc.

After all the confusion last year, I spoke to my “Financial Controller(OK, so what if she looks like my wife? Your spouse don’t guide where your money goes too? Huh!) and we agreed to try the online filing as it should lead to faster results – h’mm, SHOULD is right!

If you go on facebook, you’ll discover many Bajans are griping about the lack of their Income Tax rebates, the online filing initially came in for praise at Bajan Global Report but is now under fire elsewhere with the Bajan blogs.

I am beginning to wonder if the rumours are true and if Barbados really has any funds to disburse – this would not only lead to perhaps a re-enactment of the 1937 disturbances but carried further. With times as hard as they are now, will people bother to register their cars for Road Tax or keep the money to put food on the table? Hold back their Car Insurance just to pay their rent or mortgage?

Does the current Admin need to revisit the $400 per year Road Tax fee bearing in mind many Barbadians wonder what road maintenance is performed by the Public Sector since the only roadwork going on is the private sector conclusion of the botched flyover job?

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  1. i got a see thru mailbox and it empty like mother hubbard cupboard


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