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My desktop is a dinosaur, it’s Millennium Edition with IE 6 that Microsoft no longer sends updates on, the Mozilla Firefox browser is 2.1.2 because higher grade means I have to have XP or Vista, since my budget is geared towards cars and mortgage that means a new desktop is not a Crisis Priority.

But what is more affordable is a laptop, now both the madam and I have such trusty Cyber-Steeds and they zoom through the Internet like Ferrari’s compared to Ye Poor Olde Dektoppe. I prefer a LAN cable hooked to my Dell Inspiron 6000 and she uses wireless (mine is configured for wireless at work with a static IP address, changing back and forth is a pain to me so I stick with the cable).

So I slog away at a table in the living room and so our tale begins, when I started doing so, Tipi our baby Warrior Kit decided she is going to leap on TOP of my laptop, never come anywhere near me before (save if I have tuna for sandwiches or casserole) but decides NOW is a great time and she RIPS a tab off my keyboard!

Luckily I can press it it back in and it establishes itself with an audible click. No big deal, I have a nervous laugh and am slightly paranoid for a few days only… Big mistake!

Simon decides to go further than his sister a few weeks later and also leaps on, but with his claws outstretched – for the sake of younger readers I will forego the cataclysmic filth which I bellowed that probably 75% of Strathclyde heard… Let’s just say folk swore I was inundated with Gamma RadiationHe ran and hid for hours even when he saw me, he walked in the opposite direction in a huff with his nose in air and tail flicking at me in the universal feline way of giving the bird.

He also rips out a keypad, again I am able to reinsert the lost member and it’s only when I am now reduced to my Bruce Banner persona that I realise it’s the letter “C” same as last time with Tipi?

C, as in Cat…

C, as in Claws…

C, as in Computer…

Clearly coincidental, correct?

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  1. C as in the cat cruel cause you pun the computa

  2. Thanksamundo for the post. Really, thank you! Awesome. Good to know I’m not alone in this LOL


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