Madeira Museum 18

Barbadian Pastry Business, Caribbean Website boost Model’s Health Charity – IslandMas.Net & Baker’s Choice help Leah Marville’s Love Connection

Barbadian Pastry Business, Caribbean Website boost Model’s Health Charity – IslandMas.Net & Baker’s Choice help Leah Marville’s Love Connection

Madeira Museum 18

Earlier in the month we hinted how Prime Minister David Thompson and his wife attended a charity event during Crop Over, here’s why…

A new Caricom-Entertainment type of website between Trini’s and Bajans called IslandMas.Net decided to join forces with Baker’s Choice to help the cause of Barbadian Model, Leah Marville.

Leah’s purpose for helping children who live with HIV/AIDS is quite simple;-

Children are the most vulnerable demographic affected by HIV/AIDS. Often a child growing up in an HIV affected home may lack the necessary love and support that a child needs to flourish. They become ostracized and are often the butt of society?s cruel gossip.

These children grow up introverted and tend to lack basic social skills that we often take for granted. As such the campaign seeks to bridge that gap by ensuring that these children are afforded the basic amenities that ensure they are not left out of ?normal activities? whether it is financial help to afford school books, lunch, clothes, or just the opportunity to attend an after-school dance or swim class.

With the establishment of the fund, the campaign hopes to give children affected by the disease, the confidence and a chance to fulfill their true potential.

How can you help? Good question, here’s how…

You can support the fund in several ways:

? TEXT the word LOVE to shortcode 5683 (LIME customers only)
? Show your support and change in attitude towards the stigma attached to the disease by wearing a LOVE Campaign t-shirt. Cost $20.00
? Mail Direct your monetary pledge to The Love Campaign, AIDS Foundation, Ladymeade Gardens, Jemmotts Lane, St. Michael, Barbados.
? Drop your extra change in the tins at: Jeans Inc, Plus Couture, The Edge, Bedazzled, Beyond Surf & The Pastry Shop

Island Mas has an Annual Breakfast Party each Crop Over and they selected the Museum this year to host the festivities. Here’s some of the reasons behind why the website came about;-

The concept is and will always be the melting of the two cultures; Trinidad party atmosphere with bajan influence on fete to produce a unique experience in day parties. Our motto A Trinbajan Experience

With the growing success of The Breakfast Party Island Mas will embark in the coming year to enhance the Island Mas brand. An additional event will be added as well as the further development of our clothing line. It should be noted that all of our endeavours will focus on capturing the spirit of Carnival and Kadooment.

Island Mas Inc. is a locally incorporated company created to promote, manage and organize entertainment events in Barbados. Island Mas is made up of trinibajan and Bajantrini directors merging to give a unique perspective on entertainment events.

Alvin Toppin was the deejay, a very brave soul, he actually inferred the PM was “hurt” (alias – hungover) from attending a fete at Brian Lara’s private estate from the night before!

Baker’s Choice was pleased to have helped make the whole event a reality;-

Baker?s Choice Inc launched three new products at the Island Mas Breakfast Party recently at the Barbados Museum. Apart from enjoying the food, drink and music, patrons were treated to samples of the Barbados Rum Fruit Cake, the Madeira cake and the Madeira with Fruit cake.

The Barbados Rum Fruit Cake, made with Mount Gay rum, has been introduced to the Barbadian market as a sister product to the Barbados Great Cake, known as the Mount Gay Great Cake. The Barbados Rum Fruit Cake is a lighter cake than the traditional Great Cake, with a distinctive fruit flavor.

As you can see in the photos everyone had a blast, perhaps you should do a number of things – check Baker’s Choice for their bagels as well; help Leah and her Food Bank drive; and visit IslandMas and book your spot for next year’s Breakfast Party?

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